The Netflix show Drive to Survive has no doubt pushed Formula 1 well into the mainstream, and is reflected in the rise in popularity of theTag Heuer Formula 1 watch.

Red Bull Racing and TAG Heuer have forged a formidable partnership in the fast-paced world of Formula 1. Since 2016, TAG Heuer has been the timing sponsor for Red Bull Racing, showcasing a commitment to precision that parallels the split-second decisions on the race track. The collaboration, extended until 2024, has seen the creation of special editions like the TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf, a watch that embodies the spirit of speed and style.

Mercedes, the powerhouse in Formula 1, has a stylish companion in IWC Schaffhausen.

The partnership not only adorns the wrists of drivers during interviews but cleverly integrates the watch collection into racing gloves, ensuring that even the high-speed action on the track becomes a showcase for IWC. The result? Special editions like the Pilot's Watch Performance Chronograph 41, a testament to the fusion of precision engineering and elegance.


Breitling and Tudor ride the waves in the daring world of surfing, where rugged durability meets high-performance timekeeping.

Breitling's Superocean Automatic 36, designed for the legendary surfer Kelly Slater, stands out with its bright orange dial and resistance to the harsh conditions of the sea. Tudor, with its Black Bay Ceramic, not only conquers the waves with partnerships in big wave events but also dominates the road with sponsorships like the Tudor Pro Cycling Team.


TAG Heuer's prestigious partnership with Manchester United and IWC's collaboration with Tottenham Hotspur epitomize the fusion of luxury watchmaking and football heritage. TAG Heuer's association with Manchester United, a club with a rich legacy of success, embodies the values of precision, performance, and teamwork. Similarly, IWC's partnership with Tottenham Hotspur, renowned for its commitment to innovation and flair on the pitch, reflects the brand's dedication to craftsmanship and innovation.

Through these collaborations, both TAG Heuer and IWC honor the timeless spirit of football while showcasing their expertise in creating exquisite timepieces that capture the essence of sporting greatness.


Breitling's role as the Official Timing Partner of Six Nations Rugby exemplifies the brand's commitment to measuring split-second reactions on and off the pitch. The limited-edition Chronomat Six Nations series captures the essence of the game with specific team colours, logos, and the precision of Breitling's Manufacture Caliber 01.

The Breitling Six Nations partnership has proved to be a popular one. Each model sets itself apart by a dial that expresses the individual nation’s colours, with its logo positioned in the subdial at 9 o'clock as a caseback specially engraved with the name of each union, 'Six Nations' and the 'One of 150' limitation.


Longines has been involved in equestrian sports since its inception in the 19th century. In 1869, it created its first equestrian-themed watch, followed by a chronograph adorned with a horse and jockey design.

Since 1881, this watch has been favored by jockeys in the United States. In 1912, Longines partnered with a show jumping event in Lisbon, marking the start of its association with equestrianism. Today, Longines is renowned for its precision timekeeping in show jumping, eventing, dressage, and flat racing.

The Olympic Games

For nearly 100 years, OMEGA has been entrusted with the intricate task of timekeeping the Olympic Games. From a lone representative in 1932 to the grandeur of today's events, OMEGA's commitment to accuracy and style remains unwavering. The partnership is set to continue until at least 2028, underlining OMEGA's status as an integral part of the biggest sporting event on the planet.

OMEGA will be at Paris 2024 as Official Timekeeper for the 31st time in history, recording the dreams of the world’s best athletes. This new Seamaster Diver 300M is a celebration of the occasion and comes with a winning touch of gold.

The intertwining of elite sports and world-class horology goes beyond mere sponsorship; it represents a shared pursuit of excellence and precision. These partnerships, showcased through iconic timepieces, serve as a testament to the enduring relationship between the worlds of athleticism and haute horlogerie. As we celebrate these alliances, we witness the seamless integration of performance, style, and precision on and off the field.