Engagement ring styles: Find your perfect match

At Fraser Hart, we have a hand curated collection of different engagement ring styles to suit all individual tastes. When looking at engagement ring styles, stones and settings, it can be tricky to know which is the perfect one as there are so many different elements to think about. That’s why we’re here to help both in store or through our concierge service where we can talk you through everything you need to know.

Our engagement ring collection has a wide range of style options available including solitaire, halo, three stone and cluster, so we’ve put together this guide to give you a little extra information on each style before you make your decision. Once you feel you’ve got the style you want nailed down, you’ve achieved the first step to finding a ring that is finely tuned to your or your partner's taste.  


When it comes to choosing the style of engagement ring you want, there are many factors that may come into play when helping you decide. Everyone has a different style preference, whether you prefer classic engagement ring styles, modern, or something a little more vintage looking. You should take into consideration the style of clothes your partner usually wears, if they’re a vintage dresser, it’s likely a modern diamond ring is a no-go. What style of jewellery do they normally wear? Look at things such as the metals and stones they usually go for. Lastly, do you know if they have any celebrity style inspirations? If they do, you could look at what engagement ring they wear (if they do) and go with a similar style.


The setting of an engagement ring points to how the gemstones are set into the metal band. It falls into two categories referred to as high or low profile, this can alter the appearance of the ring in terms of how far the stone sits away from your finger. Not only can it alter the appearance of the diamond, but it can also determine wearability and practicality. So, depending on what style you prefer, choosing the right setting may help you narrow your search. If you’re comparing a high setting vs low setting and unsure how to tell the difference, turn it to a side and look at where the bottom point (culet) of the centre stone sits, if it’s elevated high off the band then it’s a high profile. If the diamond or gemstone is set closer to the band, then it’s a low profile.

If the setting of the ring is an important style factor when deciding on your perfect ring design, then we have our own bespoke settings that you may fall in love with, such as our Orchid setting or Tulip setting. The Orchid is a delicate and graceful setting, that hugs the centre stone and sits flush on the wearer’s finger with an elegant wrap design The Tulip setting, like its namesake, is tall, modern and elegant, elevating the centre stone above the wearer’s finger, just as the Tulip’s flower sits above its tall, slender stem. Explore the exclusive collections at Fraser Hart.


A timeless classic, the solitaire engagement ring is the definition of simple elegance and features a singular isolated diamond. This style of ring emphasises the true beauty of the engagement stone. A ring that would pair well with a minimalist yet chic aesthetic. A style made for those tastes that are simple and classic, they may love timeless fashion that like the solitaire, will never go out of style.

Like the solitaire, our exclusive Amia range is a style that lets the diamond speak for itself. The Amia is an exclusive heart and arrow cut to give each diamond exceptional brilliance and sparkle. The diamond displays 8 perfectly symmetrical arrows from above, yet when viewed from underneath, 8 romantic hearts are revealed. A perfect romantic diamond that will look beautiful in a solitaire style.


Formed on the base of the solitaire, the halo style adds that extra level of glamour. The halo engagement ring features a circling set of micro diamonds to support the centre diamond stone. This is a popular engagement ring style because of its added sparkle.This ring is perfect for someone who wants a radiant ring.

For maximum visual impact, then a double halo engagement ring combines two sets of circling diamonds, giving twice the sparkle. If you think the halo style may be the one for you then our exclusive Northern Star range has a beautiful selection of halo and double halo engagement ring styles to suit what you’re looking for.


Also known as trilogy rings, three stone engagement rings have been a symbol of love since the Georgian era. It features a trio of horizontal stones - a centre stone perfectly harmonised by two identical stones on either side. It has been recognised as the symbol of the past, present, and future of your relationship. A historic sentiment with modern elegance making it perfect for anyone who loves a traditional style.

The eternal love is even more radiant across the three stone ring as the gemstones or diamonds can shine through a continuous stream of light to create a bright glow. This is suitable for anyone who likes to wear bold and eye-catching styles. If the three stone style is catching your eye, then our exclusive Born ring collection features an array of three stone engagement ring styles with all the sparkle that you're bound to love.


A cluster engagement ring features a collection of dainty diamonds set together to make a uniquely stunning shape. They can be made of any gemstone and come in a selection of finely made designs. Like stars, cluster rings have been known to symbolise fate and astrological beliefs. If you prefer a vintage style with a modern take, a great example of this is the blue sapphire cluster ring famously worn by Princess Dianna (and now The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton). A staple look of royal family history that we’ll always love.

We hope now you feel that little bit more confident choosing the right engagement ring style that’s going to be loved for a lifetime. If you want more information when it comes to choosing a diamond engagement ring specifically, read our diamond buying guide to find out everything you need to know or book an appointment with our concierge service.