Make-A-Wish UK Partnership

We are truly privileged to be supporting Make-A-Wish UK as our charity partner for 2024. Fraser Hart and Make-A-Wish UK make a great partnership as in many ways we help make people’s dreams come true and both organisations strive to make people feel special. This year, as a popular UK business and brand, we’ve made a commitment to facilitate Make-A-Wish helping as many families and as many children in the UK feel special. So far, we have raised just over £18,000 for children across the UK.


The design team in Fraser Hart together with Make-A-Wish UK have captured the essence of the magic of Make-A-Wish UK. The Fraser Hart x Make-A-Wish beaded bracelet was conceptualised to present a simple yet elegant piece that really embodied what Make-A-Wish is all about, granting wishes to children all over the UK. We wanted something beautiful that would resonate with children and parents alike. There is so much a star can represent but for us the six points on the Wish Star represent the very special Wish Children and how much they mean to us all. They are so resilient, courageous, joyful, creative, beautiful and our heroes.

Our Commitment

Alongside our beautiful “Wish” Bracelet, we have created a programme of activity to support Make-A-Wish UK across all points of our business. We aim to release quarterly reports on our progress, so you, – the customer, – can track how we are delivering on this very special partnership.

1. Make-A-Wish Bracelet

Fields will donate all profits made from the sale of the Make-A-Wish Bracelet.


2. Store Donations

Customers will have the option to donate £1 in-store with every sale.


Registered charity number 295672, Scottish registered charity number SCO37479