While this guide empowers you to make an educated decision to determine it, the most accurate way is to visit any of our Fraser Hart stores at 27 locations nationwide. Here, our friendly staff will be happy to measure your finger (or a ring you are looking to find out the size of) absolutely free. This way you will be guaranteed of learning the perfect and most ideal size – giving you (or that special someone) the perfect fit.
If you cannot take a ring to one of our stores, there are other options to try. Check with their friends and family members if they have ever bought them a ring before and may know their size. If you can access one of their rings, measure the space for the finger with a ruler to get the diameter in mm and compare it to the sizing chart above. You can also use a piece of dental floss / string to encircle the finger space and then measure the floss / string in mm to get the circumference.
For those of you looking for advice on how to pick the perfect engagement ring for your perfect partner, you can read our helpful how to choose an engagement ring guide. Visit our dedicated engagements ring hub to pick the perfect engagement ring for your partner. Here you will learn about the different styles and designs of engagement rings to empower you to make the perfect choice. Learn how to pick the perfect precious metal, the most ideal cut and stunning styles for a ring that will be treasured forever.