How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring?

How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring?

“How much should you spend on an engagement ring?” - At Fraser Hart, we feel there is no correct answer when it comes to this common question. In our experience, there is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to finding the perfect ring. We’re all familiar with the old wives tales of a ring "needing to cost the equivalent of 1-month, 3 months or even 6 months" salary. It’s hard not to be influenced by these common notions or the opinions of others when it comes to purchasing an engagement ring, but that’s where we can help.

Getting engaged is all about the commitment you want to make to your partner and a ring should serve as a suitable symbol of this. Our in-store diamond experts love connecting with people and their love stories so they can tailor the ideal ring to each customer. However, there are some things our Glasgow Store Manager Kirsty Rennie considers when her customers are looking for the perfect ring.


The style of ring you choose will impact on the overall cost. There are no “rules” on what to pick and what not to pick with regards to your engagement ring choice – however if you are taking that leap and choosing the ring for your partner as a surprise, choosing a more traditional style may be the safest option. For this we would recommend a Solitaire. This is the most popular and traditional choice of engagement ring.

This simply means that the ring is set with just one main diamond and the 2 styles I would recommend for this are the 4 claw and the 6 claw (claws are what we call the precious metal that holds the diamond secure). This style of setting is simplistic and minimalistic allowing the diamond to be the main focal point of the design. We have 4 claw designs starting in our collection at £735 for a 0.25ct set into 9ct white gold ranging up to £12999 for a certified 1.50ct set into platinum.

Another classic choice that people like to opt for is the Disney inspired childhood memory of a big sparkler! This usually comes in a 6-Claw Setting. We stock this timeless design available with a few of our collections – we have 6 claw settings within our Northern Star, GIA and Amia Diamond ranges.

Prices start around £2750 and increase dependent on the size and quality of the diamond. There are also 2 claw, 8 claw, illusion setting, halo, bezel setting and rub over to name a few more styles which you can discuss further with us online or in our stores


The most popular shape choice is round brilliant. This diamond is circular in shape and if you invest in a diamond which has been cut to the correct proportions – is the fieriest – you'll get the most magnificent sparkle out of all the diamond cuts. To ensure you are buying a diamond which is cut to the ideal proportions – I would recommend one from our certified range. Our exclusive Orchid Setting Range have diamonds which are graded at a minimum of a “very good” cut grade so fire and brilliance are guaranteed. Cut grade is something we would recommend having a think about as it has a real impact on the visual beauty of your stone.

You may be able to find diamonds elsewhere which cost less – but these will be lesser cut diamonds. The top end of our range is our Amia collection – these diamonds are incredibly rare as the quality of the cut is what determines whether these are allowed to be regarded as Heart and Arrows – they are the most expensive in our collection and the fire that explodes from these round brilliants is obvious to even to the most layman diamond shopper. A smaller carat weight appears much bigger – for example – the 0.70ct Amia within our collection visually looks more like that of a 1ct!

Princess cut is another popular choice – these can also be known as a square modified brilliant. The cut is square in appearance. The princess cut can be a good option to choose as it can look bigger than its round brilliant counterpart. Also, there can be less wastage when cutting a princess cut so this saving should make its way back to you as a customer – therefore a diamond which is the same carat, colour, carat and cut grade should work out slightly cheaper than a round brilliant.

Fancy cuts like Pear, Marquise and Oval are having such a resurgence of late that many customers are looking for these traditional, vintage cuts. Within The Orchid Setting range we carry a beautiful selection of Pear and Oval solitaires ranging from £1999 to £4499. Emerald cut and Baguette cut. These are perfect for those who love Art Deco design – we have beautiful selection set with halo designs. In addition to our Orchid Setting, we recently launched our new exclusive Tulip Setting which celebrates the beauty behind the delicate flower of perfect enduring love

Making the Decision

With our store experts on hand through an in store or online consultation, we can determine based off your partners personality, interests etc the style, shape and look of a ring that will suit them best. Once you’ve determined this, then you can shop with confidence and make your decision with ease regardless of your budget.

With such a wide offering in our stores and online, we really do cater to every need. With Interest Free Credit available on all our engagement rings, you can also spread the cost of your choice across up to 3 years with 0% APR.

This blog post was written by Kirsty Rennie. Kirsty is the General Manager in our Glasgow Store. She has over 15 years experience in the luxury good retail business and is passionate about all things diamonds. Make sure you visit her store in Glasgow's Argyle Arcade where her team can help you find your perfect ring.