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A Christmas Engagement

A perfect and popular time for proposals - explore our elegant engagement rings with new designs from Fraser Hart in a variety of metals including gold, white gold, platinum. We have hand-picked a stunning selection for you to gift to your loved one at this special time of year.

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Perfect picks for every taste, style, look and outfit; jewellery at Fraser Hart includes earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and more to explore.

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  • Northern Star

    Lying untouched in the pristine frozen north of Canada for billions of years, Northern Star diamonds exude eternal elegance. Destined to delight the love of your life when presented to them, Northern Star is exclusive to Fraser Hart.

  • The Amia Diamond

    Featuring the rare ‘hearts and arrows of love’ cut, The Amia Diamond collection makes for an exquisite engagement ring choice. Crafted with pure love at their core, explore these dazzling diamond rings that are exclusive to Fraser Hart.

  • The Fraser Hart Setting

    Stunning and striking, The Fraser Hart Setting elegantly embraces and supremely showcases the diamonds used in their designs. Perfect to pick as an engagement ring, It is unique and exclusive to Fraser Hart.