Vicky Keating

Welcome to our series where we meet the brilliant people working behind the scenes here at Fraser Hart. Here we catch up with Vicky Keating of the Customer Happiness Team. She talks about her career so far with the company and the importance of her role as the Web Order Process Manager.

Can you tell me about your journey with Fraser Hart? 

I started off working in the stores, eventually becoming manager of one of our biggest ones. While I was there our digital offering was emerging and so I made the move to Web Order Process Manager, aka Head of the Customer Happiness Team! I’ve been in this role now for four years.

What do you love about working here?

I love the way we are so well taken care of. Noel, our CEO, and Sarah, our Director of People, are so approachable, if I ever have an issue I know I can knock on their door and get a positive response. I think it may be a little unusual for people in that position to be so accessible in a company and I find that really helpful. I feel so supported here and that's why I’ve been in this company and in this role for so long!

What are the key traits for working on the Customer Happiness Team?

You need to be tough and remember to not take anything personally. You need to enjoy talking to people and be patient, because these are some of the best and most stressful times in your customers’ lives – it’s key to remember this at all times. I never went to college, I went straight into retail. All my upskilling has been through working, hands on is the best training.

vicky keating wearing gold l-o-v-e necklace

What was your first piece of jewellery from Fraser Hart? 

My first piece from was my Claddagh ring for my communion, it was gifted to me by my godparents. We still have a gorgeous collection of these in Our Irish stores.

What's your favourite current jewellery trend? 

I love the trend for layering delicate necklaces, I think it’s worth spending a little time getting this right, they all need to fit and blend perfectly. When done right it looks great.

What's on your wish list? 

There's honestly so much to choose from but next on my list are some more delicate gold necklaces, this moon and stars one and this daisy bracelet one too. I also bought all my wedding jewellery, bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts from Fraser Hart too of course. I'm always excited to see new products come in that I can add to my own collection.