Garmin fēnix® 7 Pro Series

Garmin fēnix® 7 Pro Series

fēnix® 7S Pro Sapphire Solar Series

Meet the fēnix® 7S Pro Sapphire Solar: the ultimate multisport GPS smartwatch, meticulously optimized for smaller wrists and designed to excel 24/7. Unleash the power of advanced training tools such as hill score for climbing performance and real-time stamina updates. Dive into comprehensive health insights through 24/7 monitoring, covering sleep, HRV status, Pulse Ox (availability varies), and more.

Navigate confidently with preloaded maps, and stay illuminated after sunset with the built-in LED flashlight. Benefit from up to 14 days of battery life in smartwatch mode, recharged by just 3 hours of direct sunlight daily. Enhanced multi-band GPS with SatIQ™ technology ensures pinpoint accuracy without compromising battery efficiency.

Elevate your performance and style with this exceptional companion that's ready to conquer challenges both big and small.

fēnix® 7 Pro Sapphire Solar Series

Elevate your daily performance with the fēnix® 7 Pro Sapphire Solar, the ultimate multisport GPS watch built to excel around the clock. Embrace weeks of battery life, courtesy of the resilient Power Sapphire™ solar charging lens. Rise to any challenge with advanced training tools, including the hill score for continuous climbing performance assessment and real-time stamina updates.

As daylight fades, rely on the LED flashlight for visibility and guidance. Explore confidently with preloaded TopoActive maps and ski resort guides, and extend your adventures with up to 22 days of solar-charged battery life. Experience unparalleled accuracy through multi-band GPS with SatIQ™ technology, ensuring precise positioning across diverse environments while optimizing battery consumption.

The fēnix® 7 Pro Sapphire Solar is your unswerving companion, designed to empower your journeys every step of the way.

fēnix® 7X Pro Sapphire Solar Series

Discover the pinnacle of performance in the fēnix® 7X Pro Sapphire Solar. This ultimate multisport GPS smartwatch boasts a generous 1.4” (35mm) display, purpose-built to deliver exceptional performance day in and day out. Rely on weeks of battery life powered by the enduring Power Sapphire™ solar charging lens.

Unlock comprehensive health insights via 24/7 monitoring, covering sleep, HRV status, and more. After sundown, the LED flashlight offers visibility and guidance. Navigate confidently with preloaded TopoActive and ski resort maps, expandable for global explorations. Venture off-grid with up to 37 days of smartwatch battery life, solar-charged in just 3 hours of direct sunlight (50,000 lux) per day. Elevate accuracy and efficiency with multi-band GPS featuring SatIQ™ technology.

The fēnix® 7X Pro Sapphire Solar stands as the definitive companion for those who seek unmatched performance, wherever their journey takes them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Garmin Fenix

To change activity on Garmin Fenix, you can follow these steps:

1. Hold MENU.

2. Select Activities & Apps.

3. Select the activity you want to edit.

4. Select the activity setting.

5. Make the desired edits to the activity details and click SAVE.

Alternatively, if you only need to edit the activity name, click the pencil icon next to the activity name to do a quick edit.
Garmin Fenix 7 does not have a built-in speaker or microphone to make or receive phone calls. You can accept or decline calls on the watch, but to talk to the caller, you must use your connected phone.
To add music to your Garmin Fenix 7, you can follow these steps:

1. Plug your watch into your computer with the charging cable.

2. Select Add Device, and sign into your Garmin account.

3. Select the Music option on Garmin Express.

4. Click the folder icon to search for the music you’d like to transfer to your Garmin watch.

5. Select the local music files or playlists you want to transfer, then click Send to Device.

Alternatively, you can download the Garmin Link IQ app on your phone and connect it to your Garmin Fenix 7 watch4. Then, you can download the Spotify app within the Connect IQ app and add music to your watch.
To turn on the Garmin Fenix 7, you can do the following:

1. Select Keys & Touch to turn on the screen for button presses and screen taps.

2. Select Alerts to turn on the screen for alerts.

3. Select Wrist Gesture to turn on the screen by raising and turning your arm to look at your wrist.

4. Select Timeout to set the length of time before the screen turns off.

5. Hold LIGHT until the watch turns off.

6. Hold LIGHT to turn on the watch.

7. With your watch unplugged, hold down the top left power button for 1 minute. Then plug the watch into a power source.

Yes, Garmin Fenix 7 Collection does have a responsive new touchscreen interface for quick access to selections and functions.