Innovation, Technology & Craftmanship.

With an unwavering drive for perfection, efficiency and precision, quality craftsmanship became the foundation upon which Joseph Bulova built his brand. But what fuelled the brand’s continual progress was its spirit of invention - pursuing innovation and technology both within the timepiece industry – and beyond.

On August 2, 1971, Apollo 15’s mission commander, the seventh man to walk on the moon and the first to drive the Lunar Rover, made lunar history while wearing his Bulova chronograph.
Crafted specifically for astronomical conditions, the Lunar Pilot watch was used in space to track time, ensuring no one ran out of oxygen, water or battery power in the portable life support-system backpack. It was also used to back up the on-board timers for the critical re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. The timepiece could—and did—perform flawlessly, withstanding pressures of changing atmospheric conditions, fluctuating temperatures and gravitational shifts.
Bulova continues to build the Archive Series franchise with the release of two new Lunar Pilot timepieces replicating the case size of the original watch that travelled to the moon. The watches come as a strap set with special latched spring bars for interchangeability. The Lunar Pilot chronograph is powered by the brand’s proprietary High Precision Quartz chronograph movement accurate to 1/20th second – a perfect collector’s piece for watch and space enthusiasts alike.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bulova

Yes, Bulova watches are considered to be good. Bulova is a well-known and respected watch brand that has been in business for over 145 years. They are known for their high-quality and precise timepieces, and have a reputation for producing watches that are stylish, durable, and reliable.

Bulova is also known for its innovation in the watch industry. They were the first to introduce technologies like the Accutron watch movement and the Precisionist quartz movement, which have set new standards for accuracy and precision in timekeeping.
Bulova watches are made in China with Japanese movements.

Historically, Bulova watches were primarily made in the United States where the company was founded in 1875. Production then moved to Switzerland in 1912 after Joseph Bulova opened his first watch manufacturing plant in Biel. In 1983 after the closure of the Swiss factory, Bulova shifted its production to China due to lower manufacturing costs and access to new technologies and materials.

Despite the shift in manufacturing locations, Bulova continues to maintain its high standards of quality and craftsmanship across its entire range of watches, regardless of where they are made.
Bulova watches are popular among a wide range of people, from everyday watch wearers to celebrities and athletes.

Bulova has been a long-time sponsor of the Grammy Awards, and many musicians and music industry professionals have been seen wearing Bulova watches. For example, iconic singer, songwriter, and actor Marc Anthony collaborated with Bulova to celebrate a passion for watches and a shared cross-generational love of music, innovative design, and an artistic spirit that is Bold at Heart.

In addition to celebrities, many people who appreciate quality watches with timeless style and precision choose Bulova as their watch of choice. With a wide range of styles and collections, there is a Bulova watch for almost any taste or occasion.
Yes, on August 2, 1971, Apollo 15’s mission commander, made lunar history while wearing his privately owned Bulova chronograph. At this point Bulova had already been involved with Nasa since the 1950’s particularly utilising the brand’s innovative tuning fork movement, allowing for watches, instrumental panel clocks and timekeeping mechanisms to take a part in many space missions. Today Bulova honours its history with space travel through the release of the Lunar Pilot Collection which is inspired by the original watch worn on the moon and is available in various size and colour options.
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