Head of Learning and Development

Charlotte Doherty

Head of Learning and Development

Charlotte Doherty

Continuing our series learning about the style inspiration of our people here at Fraser Hart we catch up with Charlotte Doherty, our Head of Learning & Development.

Do you have any early jewellery memories from your childhood?

My earliest memory of having a fascination with jewellery started when I was only a toddler. My sister and I wanted to wear earrings so decided to put little coloured beads in our ears to pretend that we were wearing earrings. We thought we were great! Unfortunately, my mum did not! We spent the remainder of the day in hospital having our beautiful earring beads removed from our ears.

How would you describe your own jewellery style and what inspires it?

I prefer simple, delicate jewellery styling. I choose pieces that are versatile, so I can wear them during the day with jeans and a t-shirt or when I’m dressed up for a night out. I also like to mix and match different metals – it’s so much more fun and interesting.

What jewellery pieces do you wear every day – do you have any pieces that hold special memories?

There are three pieces of jewellery that I wear every day and each of them hold special memories for me. First of all there's my engagement ring - my husband proposed on the ‘Top of the Rock’ in New York so my engagement ring brings back so many fond memories of our special time there. Then of course there's my wedding band – it’s the most simple piece I have…a simple platinum band…but it’s the most important piece I own because of the meaning behind it. Finally, my Swiss watch – the girls I work with gave this to me for a milestone birthday – and I love it!

What are your favourite current trends in jewellery?

I love layering pieces especially necklaces…two or more simple, delicate pieces layered creates a great look.

Name necklaces are cool and will never go out of fashion – Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City started the trend in the '90s and it’s still a cool look today.

What’s on your Fraser Hart wish list?

This gold bangle, I think it's stunning and it's the perfect addition to any wrist stack.