Lisa Grant

We are continuing our series where we look at the brilliant people working behind the scenes here at Fraser Hart. Here we catch up with Lisa Grant from the Buying & Merchandising Team.

What does your role at Fraser Hart involve?

I'm on the Buying & Merchandising team and I do special orders. I deal with enquiries from stores if a customer wants to modify one of our products, if they want to change the metal for example, or if they’re looking for a bigger diamond. I then go and try and source that from our suppliers. I deal with all individual and bespoke orders.

Tell us about your career in the jewellery industry?

I’m in the business a long time, since I left school.

I moved from Ireland to the UK and have worked in the jewellery industry ever since. I quickly progressed to store manager and have since moved from a store into the Head Office. I’ve been part of the Buying team for the last six years.

I feel fortunate that Fraser Hart facilitated me working part-time when my kids were younger and have been able to return to working full-time now that my kids are a little older.

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What do you like about working with our company?

I like working in a relatively small company, the culture is really positive. It’s a family business originally and you get to know everybody, and I really like that. It’s definitely a nice place to work, the company have always been really good to their staff. I love the jewellery industry overall too. I’m with the company just over twenty years now.

Do you have any early jewellery memories?

My aunt used to treat us nieces and nephews to pieces when we were younger. I still have bracelets that she bought for me when we were kids. I absolutely love them and have great memories associated with those pieces. My jewellery is very sentimental to me.

I also have some really nice heavy bracelets and necklets from Fraser Hart that I've gifted myself at various milestones over the years.