The pink jersey of the Giro d’Italia leader symbolizes distinction without hesitation. Similarly, when David Beckham created Inter Miami CF, he chose pink for its standout quality. For artist Jay Chou, pink has become his signature color, instantly recognizable by his fans. These TUDOR ambassadors embrace pink deliberately, understanding that true daring involves challenging the norm and discarding the rules.

This philosophy is encapsulated in the Black Bay Chrono "Pink," a watch not made for the masses but designed for those who dare to be different. Despite its boldness, only a limited number will be produced, enhancing its uniqueness. The Black Bay Chrono, a standout piece even before the introduction of the pink dial, embodies TUDOR's legacy of innovation since the debut of the Oysterdate in 1970 and its ongoing improvements to professional divers' watches since 1954. The Black Bay Chrono "Pink" merges the worlds of motorsport and diving with a high-performance Manufacture Calibre, making it more than just a timepiece—it's a statement for those who lead and choose to be distinct.

The Manufacture Chronograph Calibre MT5813, which drives the Black Bay Chrono, shows time, date, and chronograph functions. This movement is distinguished by its robust and reliable design, including a tungsten monobloc rotor that is openwork and satin-brushed with sand-blasted details. The bridges and mainplate feature alternating sand-blasted and polished surfaces with laser decorations. Certified by the COSC, it surpasses standard performance metrics, maintaining a -2/+4 seconds’ daily variation, compared to the COSC requirement of -4/+6 seconds. This movement is a product of collaboration with Breitling, enhancing its precision and durability, suited for both enthusiasts and professionals alike.