OMEGA Seamaster


OMEGA Seamaster

Stylish and Seaworthy

Aqua Terra

In 2002, the Seamaster Aqua Terra made its debut, exuding a refined display that paid homage to the clean lines of the original Seamaster 300 from 1957. Over the years, OMEGA infused ocean-inspired elements into its design, featuring sailboat indexes and teak-pattern dials reminiscent of luxurious yacht decks.

A Dial Designed to Inspire

Aqua Terra Worldtimer

A mere two years after its 2017 launch, OMEGA embraced laser technology to craft dials of extraordinary texture and colour - beautiful visions of Earth viewed from above and elegantly wearable on the wrist. The Aqua Terra Worldtimer stands as the ultimate call to adventure, boasting day and night indications and a circle of global destinations, all within its 43mm stainless steel case.

Oceangoing Professional

Seamaster 300

Part of OMEGA's prestigious "professional" trilogy, which includes the Speedmaster and Railmaster, the Seamaster 300 made its debut in 1957, offering wearers an easy-to-read display and exceptional water resistance, symbolized by the iconic "Naiad" star on the crown logo. This legacy lives on in the new version, powered by OMEGA's Co-Axial Master Chronometer calibre 8912, certified at the industry's highest level by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS).

Crafted with precision, the 41mm Seamaster 300 features a symmetrical case and crown, exquisitely polished and brushed in stainless steel, complemented by a matching bracelet. As the name suggests, this timepiece fearlessly conquers depths of 300 meters, while its varnished dial in Summer Blue reflects the watch's deeper level of water resistance.

In harmony with the captivating colour code, OMEGA fills the rhodium-plated hands, recessed hour markers, and open numerals with a unique light blue Super-LumiNova, ensuring effortless readability even in the darkest depths. The Seamaster 300 proudly stands as an oceangoing professional, built to withstand the challenges of both time and tides.

Oceanic Icon

Diver 300M

Unveiled in 1993, the Diver 300M emerges as a quintessential timepiece for deep-sea explorers, featuring a distinctive diving scale, skeleton hands, bold raised indexes, and a helium escape valve - a stylish companion to measure time spent beneath the waves.

Presenting the 42mm Seamaster Diver 300M in stainless steel, OMEGA adds a worthy addition to its classic dive watch collection. Offered with a matching bracelet or a blue rubber strap, this exceptional watch embraces its commemorative lineage, boasting a Summer Blue wave-pattern ceramic dial, adorned with a gradient finish that beautifully mirrors its remarkable water resistance.

The blue ceramic bezel, enhanced with new Summer Blue enamel (Grand feu) diving scale, elegantly encircles the dial, while rhodium-plated skeleton hands and raised indexes, filled with a unique light blue Super-LumiNova, ensure utmost readability even in the depths of the ocean. The Diver's driving force lies within OMEGA's Co-Axial Master Chronometer 8800, providing the precision and reliability essential for every oceanic adventure.

Everything the Name Suggests

Planet Ocean 600M

Drawing inspiration from the Seamaster 300, the Planet Ocean made its debut in 2005, showcasing an orange bezel and a distinctive helium escape valve. It proudly featured OMEGA's renowned Co-Axial escapement, making its impressive debut in the Calibre 2500.

The World's Most Distinctive Dive Watch


Built to withstand the ocean's most relentless pressures, the legendary Seamaster Professional 600, affectionately known as the "Ploprof" (short for PLOngeur PROFessionnel – French for "professional diver"), stands tall as one of the most robust and innovative wristwatches ever crafted for divers. OMEGA's ingenious method of securing the crystal to the rugged monobloc case eliminated the need for a helium escape valve. In its early years, the Ploprof became the trusted companion of French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau and the esteemed underwater research company COMEX during their deep-sea experiments.

Tribute to OMEGA’s World-Record Dive

Ultra Deep

In the momentous year of 2019, the inaugural Ultra Deep watches etched their names in history by conquering the deepest point on Earth - the Mariana Trench. Following that groundbreaking World Record dive, OMEGA harnessed the cutting-edge technology and transformed it into a revolutionary 6,000m collection, now accessible to the public. Each watch underwent rigorous testing in authentic ocean conditions during its development, boasting an impressive water resistance of 6,000 meters (20,000 ft.) and earning the esteemed ISO 6425:2018 certification for saturation divers' watches from the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS).

Measuring 45.5mm in diameter, this model showcases a sturdy O-MEGASTEEL case and bracelet, complemented by an extraordinary dial that reveres the enigmatic depths of the ocean. Every detail of its pattern precisely mirrors the Challenger Deep, meticulously mapped by the Five Deeps team through nearly one million sonar points. The lacquered finish, reminiscent of an ocean's gentle flow, adds a captivating sense of depth to the dial. But that's not all - a playful surprise awaits beneath the surface. Shining a UV light reveals the words "OMEGA WAS HERE," commemorating the record-breaking dive to 10,935 meters and highlighting the Western, Central, and Eastern Pools of the Challenger Deep.

Withheld from sight, yet powering this exceptional timepiece, is OMEGA's Co-Axial Master Chronometer 8912, the same caliber that fuels the legendary Ploprof, cementing Ultra Deep as a true tribute to unparalleled exploration and innovation in the world of timekeeping.