Engagement & Wedding Ring Styles

Engagement & Wedding Ring Styles

Congratulations on your engagement! As you embark on the thrilling journey of wedding planning, there are countless aspects to consider – from flowers and cakes to guest lists and, of course, the all-important wedding dress. In the midst of these considerations, it's essential not to overlook the significant element of wedding jewellery.

Here at Fields, we grasp the importance of wedding jewellery in making your celebration truly special. To aid you in this pivotal decision, we've curated this comprehensive wedding jewellery guide. Our goal is to offer valuable insights and inspiration, helping you choose the perfect jewellery for your big day and ensuring you shine on this momentous occasion.

To surprise or not to surprise

While surprising your loved one with an engagement ring is a romantic gesture, it can be a nerve-wracking decision. Consider her style preferences by observing the jewellery she already wears and seek insights from friends. If the ring isn't perfect, rest assured that at Fraser Hart, we offer exchanges to ensure she gets the ring she loves. Another option is a promise ring, which is a lovely option to surprise your partner with, usually a more affordable ring which you can propose with and then the two of you can visit a store or shop online for the ring your partner would like to have as their forever ring. We’ve a selection of promise rings here. You can also exchange the value of that promise ring against your forever ring if it’s unworn.

Diamond rings

Understanding the 4 Cs – carat, colour, cut, and clarity – is essential when choosing a diamond engagement ring. Additionally, explore different diamond shapes, from the classic round brilliant to unique fancy shapes like princess cut or marquise. We offer both lab-grown diamonds and lab grown diamonds. Both are chemically identical and a beautiful choice. You can read more about the difference between the two types of diamond here.

Metal choices for engagement rings

Engagement rings are typically crafted in platinum, yellow gold or white gold . Platinum offers enduring beauty, yellow gold exudes timeless warmth, and white gold is an elegant and more affordable alternative to platinum. We offer rhodium plating to keep your ring looking pristine year after year.

Gemstone engagement rings

For a unique touch, consider colourful gemstones like sapphire, ruby, or emerald. Birthstone engagement rings, featuring the bride's birthstone, offer a sentimental and distinctive choice.

Your wedding rings symbolize the powerful union of two individuals in marriage, with a tradition dating back centuries. With our wedding band box , you can create the perfect ring for yourself by choosing the metal type, shape, setting, and diamond size. We can also include other gemstones in the band if you’d like a colourful touch.

While the classic plain gold band remains popular, modern couples can explore a wide array of styles and metal types. Individuality is key when selecting wedding rings.
The bride's choice of metal often complements her engagement ring. Platinum offers luxury and durability, yellow gold is a timeless classic, white gold and provides an elegant and more affordable option. We also have something a bit different with men’s rings that include a stone, a Celtic design, or a touch of black.

Take your time when choosing wedding rings, starting at least three months before the wedding. This allows for trying on different styles and ensuring the perfect fit for both your finger and lifestyle.

In conclusion, whether it's the sparkling engagement ring or the symbolic wedding bands, Fraser Hart is here to guide you in selecting the perfect wedding jewellery to make your celebration unforgettable.