Our Engagement Stories: Patrizia and Majik

Fraser Hart - Patrizia and Majik’s Engagement Story

Our team at Fraser Hart adores love stories. It’s great to see how one small step can result in two people being together for the rest of their lives. Every time someone invites us to join them on this journey, we feel very chuffed and honoured to become part of their special moments. Here is Patrizia and Majik’s story.

When did you meet? 

Majik: We met around late 2016. We had both broken up from long relationships. It was when our mutual friend decided to introduce us to each other, hoping we would become good friends. The chemistry was instant. Our first date felt like we had known each other for years. The conversations were so smooth; we never had an awkward moment. 

When did you start thinking of popping the question? 

Majik: Most probably after a year. I wanted to see how our relationship developed. So I played the card of "let's talk about marriage later" for the next year. She mentioned a few times she would love to get married. I really wanted to surprise her with my proposal so I tried to keep my thoughts to myself. 

Had you previously looked at rings together?

Majik: I wanted to make it very special for both of us. After all, it is such a big step, so I wanted to plan for this moment. At the time, I just pretended that I was not interested in getting married. However, there were moments when we talked about other people's rings so I could understand her taste.

Did you get a promise ring first and a proper engagement ring later?

Majik: I went straight to the engagement ring. I felt I could skip that part. I felt confident and I didn't think that getting a promise ring would be the right choice for us.

Fraser Hart - Patrizia and Majik’s Engagement Story

What was important when choosing a ring?

Majik: I like big, flashy jewellery. Patrizia is the complete opposite of me. Because of this, I had to make sure I found something that would match her taste and style. Also, I knew that the ring would need to be comfortable to wear (view our ring buying guide for more info) on a daily basis, especially in terms of the diamond size.  

Colour was another important factor to consider. Moreover, I wanted to find a ring that could have an important meaning. Patrizia's ring has seven diamonds (which represent the seven days in the Bible). Her ring holds three stones on the top, symbolising the three most important women in her life: her mum, her grandmother and my mother. The stones also depict Patrizia's journey of becoming an amazing wife, mother and grandmother, just like them. 

Did you have any help from Patrizia's family members or friends to organise an engagement proposal?

Majik: My accomplice was Patrizia's best friend, Monica, who is an angel. As she had got married a year before, they had gone ring shopping so Moni really helped me understand the type of rings Patrizia liked. I also had to peek at her Pinterest, which I don't normally do!

Was the proposal a surprise?

Majik: The proposal was a surprise indeed, I love making surprises and I planned almost every single detail of my proposal. I always wanted to do it in Thailand. She was really happy to go on holiday there. Our holiday break did turn out to be a fantastic opportunity for me to propose. I popped the question on one of the best beaches I have ever seen. The place is located just in Kho Lanta, right in the south (not touristy). 

Fraser Hart - Patrizia and Majik’s Engagement Story

Have you and Patrizia started planning your wedding?

We actually decided on the date and location that evening. Without a blink!

Coming from two very busy worlds - Majik is a CEO and music producer at Damage Record World Music and Patrizia works as a fashion designer – we don't doubt their wedding, and life together, will be full of great music and glam. Congratulations once again to the happy couple!