Fraser Hart Repairs | ENGRAVING

To personalise an item means to capture a single moment. That precious day she said yes, the overwhelming moment when your son took his first breaths or your special little saying to each other. Sentimental though an item may be, engraving is the perfect way to make that piece just a touch more one-of-a-kind and capture a memory forever.

Here at Fraser Hart, we pride ourselves in offering an extensive and experienced engraving service through our team of highly trained and skilled goldsmiths and craftsmen. From simply engraving the date of your wedding on the inside of your ring to setting a ‘Secret Diamond’, we are positive that we can offer you the right service for your needs.

Our experience staff are always on hand to talk through the different engraving options and to work with you on your design to ensure the final product looks just as perfect as you envision.

There are two main types of engraving to be considered when personalising an item; hand engraving and machine engraving.

Hand Engraving

Hand engraving can be described as nothing less than a skill and an art. The artisans of the engraving world use a small tool called a ‘graver’ which resembles a tiny chisel. Made of hardened steel, the graver has many different tips, shaped to create different markings and designs. Working with your image or text, our hand engravers use different strokes and lines to carve your message into your item with precision and the uptmost care. Each piece of hand engraved jewellery is one-of-a-kind; no two pieces can look alike as both will maintain the personal style and marks of the engraver. Also, hand engraving is traditionally understood to be the deeper and more durable of the two engraving methods although it can take a little bit longer to complete.

Hand Engraving

Machine Engraving

With the advance in technology, it will come as no surprise that machine engraving is swiftly gaining momentum. Using power-driven engravers that work of templates or computer aided design, our craftsman are able to programme their machines to engrave nearly anything in a short space of time. The jewellery is fitted in a small clamp on the machine while our engravers reposition the engraving machine to ensure your design is perfect. One click of the mouse and the machine get’s to work, copying your design to exact precision. Modern machine engravers are extremly precise and can be used to engrave anything from a simple date to a full photograph of a loved one.

Machine Engraving

On top of traditional engraving methods, our expert workshop can offer a number of unique engraving experiences to ensure your personalisation is exactly how you imagined.

Secret Diamond Engraving

Secret Diamond Engraving has got to be one of our most beloved and precious services on offer. Our expert craftsman work on the inside of your wedding of engagement ring to blend engraving and stone setting in beautiful harmony. Say, after your wedding or engagement, your blessed with a bouncing baby boy. Our skilled jewellery artisans can engrave the inside of your wedding ring with the date of your baby’s birth whilst setting a tiny blue sapphire on the inside of the band. Alternatively, if the month of September is particularly important to you as a couple, but blue isn’t the colour of choice, why not have a small pink sapphire or other birthstone set on the inside of the band as an extra reminder of that precious moment.

Secret Diamond

Watch Engraving

Another engraving method that we have seen a rise in in the last few years has been the engraving of watch backs. Our skilled watch team will carefully remove the case back of your watch, position your message in the appropriate place and engrave anything from a date to a special message on to the back. Some men, particularly those who work with their hands and are at risk of damaging a wedding ring, may choose to have an engraved watch as an alternative to a wedding ring.

If you have any furthur questions about engraving or if you have a special piece of jewellery you would like personalised, why not pop into any of our 40 UK stores and have a talk with one of our experienced staff members.