Aurora Certified Diamond Collection – Timeless Beauty, Endless Light

The dawn, daybreak and sunshine. The mythical Roman Goddess of Dawn, Aurora, was believed to be the bringer of morning light. Astride her majestic chariot, she would lead her sister (Helios, the Sun) into the sky every morning, bringing the break of dawn to all. It is said that her tears dust the awakening world as morning dew and these luminous droplets signal the coming of a new day.

Aurora Roman Goddess History Image

With a name that relates closely to the Latin word aurum meaning gold and romantically bound with the coming of light, our newest diamond engagement ring collection could only be inspired by this mythological being. Taking the Roman Goddess’s love affair with brightness and dawn, our Aurora Certified Diamond Collection emits a timeless beauty.

Aurora Certified Diamond Collection | Fraser Hart

Exclusive to Fraser Hart, our Aurora diamonds sit high and proud in their setting which has been specifically designed to allow optimal light to pass beneath and through the diamond. Each beam of light enters the diamond at its own unique location and shimmers through, delivering a continuous stream of delight and sparkle.

Fraser Hart | Aurora Certfied Diamond Collection | Timeless Beauty Endless Light

In homage to the Goddess of Dawn herself, each Aurora diamond is certificated by The International Gemological Institute (IGI). The world’s largest independent gemstone laboratory, this certificate guarantees the precise cut, clarity, colour and carat of the individual diamonds giving you the unique story behind your chosen ring.

Fraser Hart | Aurora Certified Diamond Collection | Timeless Beauty, Endless Light


Emphasising its endless light, each Aurora diamond is guaranteed to have at least a ‘Very Good’ cut, promising that true precision and expertise have been executed during the cutting and polishing of your diamond. Pair this with the unique Aurora mount and your symbol of everlasting love guarantees to shimmer from day one into eternity.

Choosing to utter those four little words may take some planning but falling in love with an Aurora ring is endless and timeless.

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Diamonds – April’s birthstone

A symbol of purity, innocence and harmony, April is the month of the diamond. The purest, rarest and most valuable gemstone in history, diamonds were once reserved for Royalty – seen only in the tiaras and jewels of Kings and Queens. The magpies in us all stared longingly at these shimmering stones, captivated by their un-worldly allure and dreaming of the day they could be ours.

Queen Elizabeth II Royal Coronation wearing the Crown Jewels

[image: HRH Queen Elizabeth II on her Coronation Day wearing the Crown Jewels]

Today, that day has become a reality. The once untouchable diamond has now become one of our most desired commodities and continues to draw an admiring eye. Owning your own diamond is now a very tangible reality with a large variety of styles, prices and products to choose from.

Fraser Hart Diamond Eternity Rings

[image: A collection of 18ct yellow gold and diamond eternity rings from the Fraser Hart collection]

 To understand the rarity of a diamond, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite statistics:

  • Chances are, the diamond you hold in your hand began life around 3.3 million years ago.
  • The Global diamond production in 2015 was estimated to be around 135.5M carats.
  • Only 19% of the worlds rough diamonds are of gem quality (e.g they are of high enough quality to set into the jewellery you buy).

The diamond is a stone with an undeniable sheen and sparkle so it is something bewildering to discover that they are formed of pure carbon – the very same substance as the graphite in your pencil! Every diamond found in your jewels has undergone a remarkable journey over a billion years ago beneath the earth’s surface.

Fraser Hart Diamond Cluster Rings

[image: Our Fraser Hart emerald, pear and marquise cut diamond halo engagement rings with split shank diamond shoulders]

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Interview with Elin Mai of The Style Doctors

This Christmas we’ve teamed up with Westfield London and Personal Stylist, Elin Mai of The Style Doctors, to offer you a fantastic chance to win the ultimate Christmas shopping experience! You could win a 2 hour personal styling session with Elin herself at the new Westfield London Fashion Lounge. On top of this, we’ll give you a £500 Fraser Hart giftcard to spend in our Westfield, London store and treat you to a champagne lunch all in the same day!

To celebrate this amazing competition (see below for further information), we sat down with Elin to talk bold jewellery, day long shopping trips and faux fur scarves!

Elin Mai Style Doctors Westfield


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Fraser Hart Advent Calendar

There are officially 25 days until Christmas and it has become social acceptable to blare ‘Jingle Bells’ out of your car during the daily commute. Our Facebook and Twitter feeds are awash with photo after photo of beautifully decorated Christmas trees, gorgeously gift wrapped presents (high-five to all you organised shoppers!) and delicious looking mince pies. Not one to be left behind, our office currently resembles a snowstorm with windows dotted with red and white snowflakes and our ‘Capture Christmas’ logo taking pride of place.

Christmas Office

And what’s the one thing we cannot do without every December? An advent calendar of course! Now, we love chocolate as much as the next person and it is the one time of the year where it’s ok to sneak that bar of chocolate before breakfast. However, with so many beautiful pieces of jewellery and stunning watches on our shelves, we could think of no better way to honour the next 25 days than with our very own Fraser Hart Advent Calendar.

Fraser Hart Advent Calendar

Make sure you check back on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages every day to see one of our Buyer’s top picks! We’ve already unwrapped this show stopping Amethyst and Diamond pendant (cue awed silence) and are looking forward to peeling back the paper of Door 2 tomorrow.

 9ct white gold amethyst and 0.12 carat diamond marquise pendant

[image: 0234063 – 9ct white gold amethyst and 0.12 carat diamond marquise pendant)

With only 24 days left (not that we’ve been counting) what’s at the top of your Christmas list?