Fraser Hart celebrates 80 years of Timeless Diamonds

This year, Fraser Hart are proud to be celebrating our 80th birthday.

Fraser Hart 80th Birthday

Since 1936 when our founder, Fred Hill opened the first store in Glasgow our aim has been simple – to bring you timeless pieces you will treasure forever, from people you trust.

To mark the occasion, we have commissioned an exclusive new collection called Timeless Diamonds. In designing these pieces, we’ve gone through our archives to uncover some of the most iconic and timeless jewellery designs beloved by Fraser Hart customers throughout the past 80 years.

Paying homage to an iconic staple, the engagement ring, our first Timeless Diamond is this exquisite diamond halo set cluster ring. Crafted from polished platinum and expertly set with 80 points of diamonds representing our 80 years of creating treasured moments, this modernised design was selected as a homage to the art deco-style designs of the 1930’s – our founding year.

Fraser Hart Timeless Diamonds Collection

Carrying the thirties design style throughout the collection, our Buyers have worked closely with renowned diamond craftsmen to deliver this 18ct white gold multi band dress ring. With five bands of alternatively sized and expertly set diamonds, adding up to a total weight of 0.80ct, each carat point represents another year of treasured moments and timeless memories here at Fraser Hart.

Fraser Hart Timeless Diamonds Collection

Moving on and completing our Timeless Diamonds collection, one of our most treasured jewellery designs has been re-designed in honour of the past 80 years. Now set in 18ct white gold, we bring you a diamond cluster pendant and a pair of matching halo set stud earrings – a timeless set to carry you through any celebration. With each piece skilfully set with 0.80ct of diamonds (the earrings have a total diamond weight of 0.80ct), these pieces complete our exclusive collection.

Fraser Hart Timeless Diamonds Collection

Our Timeless Diamond Collection is available in all 39 Fraser Hart stores across the UK and can also be viewed online through the links listed above.

As we pause to celebrate this milestone birthday, the entire team would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to everyone who has supported us over the past 80 years.

We are proud to have played our part in creating your most precious moments.

From each and every one of us.

Thank You

Aurora Certified Diamond Collection – Timeless Beauty, Endless Light

The dawn, daybreak and sunshine. The mythical Roman Goddess of Dawn, Aurora, was believed to be the bringer of morning light. Astride her majestic chariot, she would lead her sister (Helios, the Sun) into the sky every morning, bringing the break of dawn to all. It is said that her tears dust the awakening world as morning dew and these luminous droplets signal the coming of a new day.

Aurora Roman Goddess History Image

With a name that relates closely to the Latin word aurum meaning gold and romantically bound with the coming of light, our newest diamond engagement ring collection could only be inspired by this mythological being. Taking the Roman Goddess’s love affair with brightness and dawn, our Aurora Certified Diamond Collection emits a timeless beauty.

Aurora Certified Diamond Collection | Fraser Hart

Exclusive to Fraser Hart, our Aurora diamonds sit high and proud in their setting which has been specifically designed to allow optimal light to pass beneath and through the diamond. Each beam of light enters the diamond at its own unique location and shimmers through, delivering a continuous stream of delight and sparkle.

Fraser Hart | Aurora Certfied Diamond Collection | Timeless Beauty Endless Light

In homage to the Goddess of Dawn herself, each Aurora diamond is certificated by The International Gemological Institute (IGI). The world’s largest independent gemstone laboratory, this certificate guarantees the precise cut, clarity, colour and carat of the individual diamonds giving you the unique story behind your chosen ring.

Fraser Hart | Aurora Certified Diamond Collection | Timeless Beauty, Endless Light


Emphasising its endless light, each Aurora diamond is guaranteed to have at least a ‘Very Good’ cut, promising that true precision and expertise have been executed during the cutting and polishing of your diamond. Pair this with the unique Aurora mount and your symbol of everlasting love guarantees to shimmer from day one into eternity.

Choosing to utter those four little words may take some planning but falling in love with an Aurora ring is endless and timeless.

Discover Aurora Certificated Diamond Collection today –

Emerald – May’s Birthstone

Named after the Greek word ‘smaragdos’ which translates into ‘green stone’, the Emerald has a long and rich history. At the earliest known gem market in Babylon in around 4,000 BC, an Emerald was dedicated by the Ancients to Venus, the Goddess of Love.

Cleopatra was also believed to have been extremely fond of the stone and claimed all the Egyptian Emerald mines for herself during her reign.

Emerald May Birthstone

Believed to be the month of rebirth, the Emerald has become widely recognised as the birthstone for May and is said to grant the wearer with good fortune, youth and foresight. The gemstone has a long standing relationship with the jewellery industry, having been mounted into a magnificent necklace set for the Russian jewellers of the 18th century and eventually inspiring the ‘Emerald Cut’ which is now used to cut diamonds. Nowadays, Emerald are the perfect gemstone for everything from a special pendant and earring set to your beloved and cherished engagement ring.

A symbol of loyalty, friendship and success this exquisite gemstone has become one of our most beloved and cherished precious stones and is the perfect gift for the May birthday in your life.

Shop Emerald jewels here

Diamonds – April’s birthstone

A symbol of purity, innocence and harmony, April is the month of the diamond. The purest, rarest and most valuable gemstone in history, diamonds were once reserved for Royalty – seen only in the tiaras and jewels of Kings and Queens. The magpies in us all stared longingly at these shimmering stones, captivated by their un-worldly allure and dreaming of the day they could be ours.

Queen Elizabeth II Royal Coronation wearing the Crown Jewels

[image: HRH Queen Elizabeth II on her Coronation Day wearing the Crown Jewels]

Today, that day has become a reality. The once untouchable diamond has now become one of our most desired commodities and continues to draw an admiring eye. Owning your own diamond is now a very tangible reality with a large variety of styles, prices and products to choose from.

Fraser Hart Diamond Eternity Rings

[image: A collection of 18ct yellow gold and diamond eternity rings from the Fraser Hart collection]

 To understand the rarity of a diamond, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite statistics:

  • Chances are, the diamond you hold in your hand began life around 3.3 million years ago.
  • The Global diamond production in 2015 was estimated to be around 135.5M carats.
  • Only 19% of the worlds rough diamonds are of gem quality (e.g they are of high enough quality to set into the jewellery you buy).

The diamond is a stone with an undeniable sheen and sparkle so it is something bewildering to discover that they are formed of pure carbon – the very same substance as the graphite in your pencil! Every diamond found in your jewels has undergone a remarkable journey over a billion years ago beneath the earth’s surface.

Fraser Hart Diamond Cluster Rings

[image: Our Fraser Hart emerald, pear and marquise cut diamond halo engagement rings with split shank diamond shoulders]

 Discover more about these breathtaking gemstones in our Diamond Buying Guide here –

 Be united with your perfect diamond online or in-store in one of our 39 stores across the UK –

Which Wedding Ring Style is Right for Me?

Have you ever wondered why wedding rings are worn on the third finger of the left hand? According to a romantic centuries-old belief, this finger held the ‘Vena Amoris’, or Vein of Love, that was thought to be directly connected to the heart.

This tradition has endured across religions and cultures the world over. A physical token of unity, commitment and love, the unbroken circle of a wedding ring is symbolic of much more than just a marriage.

Fraser Hart Mens & Womens Wedding Rings Yellow and White

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Love of a Lifetime: Preserving Your Diamond Ring

A diamond ring is one of the most precious gifts you can receive – or indeed, give to yourself but the pride of owning a diamond ring also comes with a certain degree of responsibility. Keeping a diamond ring in its gorgeous, glittering condition for a lifetime requires care and attention, and it’s important to know the proper ways to care for, clean, and protect your treasured gemstone.

Three Diamond Ring

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Apassionata SS15 Collection

Soon our days will be filled with golden brown tans, studded sandals and floral summer dresses (well a girl can dream, can’t she?) and summer will finally be back. Gone will be the days where scarves doubled as blankets and our hands clutched steaming cups of coffee just for sheer warmth. Instead of umm-ing and ahh-ing over which hat and glove set will keep us warm (and dry), we’ll be flicking through pastel blouses and colour matching our accessories to our favourite mini skirts.

Our buyers have been in the ‘Summer’ zone for months now researching emerging trends, looking at gaps in our current ranges and buying in some of the most beautiful lines they’ve seen to ensure that the Apassionata SS15 collection is the best we’ve ever had.

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The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring by Max Milligan

As the day’s countdown towards my first wedding anniversary, I’ve been thinking again about how I proposed and just how many choices I had presented to me in the run up to popping the question. The symbolism, associations and memories that are attached to your engagement ring are uncanny.

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The Perfect Engagement Ring

It’s different for everyone but for me, it symbolized my intentions and hopes for the future; I wanted the engagement ring I chose to be unique, perfect and, most importantly, have that WOW factor.

So, a quick rundown of some of the essentials…

There are two main parts to consider – the diamond and the mount that will cradle that diamond.

This can be a tough one. Will she prefer bright white gold, rich yellow gold or what some would call the king of precious metals, platinum?  The choice of metal that the ring is made of is often down to personal preference and you will probably find that your fiancée-to-be will tend to lean towards jewellery designs of either white or yellow. Each different metal has its own benefits which can be discussed with an experienced jeweler who can help you find the perfect ring to suit your needs. For more information on precious metals, please visit our buying guide here.

Three Colour Engagement Rings

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(image – Rings shown above from L2R – 4391521 – 18ct gold 1.00 carat diamond solitaire ring – £7,499 | 0394057 – 9ct rose gold 0.50 carat diamond solitaire ring – £1,750 | 2350539 – 18ct white gold 0.50 carat diamond sollitaire four claw ring – £1,499 )

The expanse of ring designs range from the timeless classic solitaire, to modern designs with clear clean lines, to those with intricate settings meticulously crafted to microscopic perfection.

Different types of engagement rings

(image – Rings shown above from L2R – 0394049 – 9ct white gold 0.44 carat baguette and round diamond ring – £750 | 0394036 –  18ct white gold 0.55 carat diamond cluster ring – £1,499 | 0394057 – 9ct rose gold 0.50 carat diamond solitaire ring – £1,750 | 0404016 – 18ct gold 2.00 carat diamond three stone ring – £5,999 | 1391018 – 18ct white gold 0.50 carat princess cut and round brilliant diamond ring – £1,250)

And then comes the most important choice, the diamond. Firstly decide on the shape you know she’ll love. Traditionally diamond engagement rings either had the classic round brilliant cut (favored for its perfect symmetry and brightness), or the more modern princess cut developed in the 1960s. However nowadays you will have a myriad of other shapes and cuts available such as the marquise, emerald cut, cushion or asscher to name but a few.

Different Diamond Cuts

(image: Different diamond cuts from L2R – Princess cut, Brilliant round cut, Emerald cut, Asscher cut, Oval cut, Pear cut, Heart cut, Baguette cut, Marquise cut, Trilliant cut, Cushion cut)

There are literally thousands of different combinations of diamond grades to choose from. Take some time to read up on how a diamond is graded (4Cs: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight – click here for more information) and you’ll have a much better understanding of what you’re looking for. As a general rule you can choose a slightly smaller diamond that is higher in grade that will be brighter and clearer; a diamond that is larger but not as high on the scale; or one that fits in between and balances the quality of the diamond carefully against the weight. There is no right or wrong choice and the diamond can be carefully selected as you discuss a ring to fit your price range and preferences.

Cushion Diamonds

(image: Two cushion cut diamonds used in a bespoke Fraser Hart piece)

With a diamond specialist located in each Fraser Hart store, there is always someone on hand to help you with your special purchase and guide you on your route to the perfect proposal.

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{Max Milligan is the Store Manager at our Fraser Hart, Lakeside store. To book an appointment with him, please call the store on 01708 863217. Alternatively, emails can be recieved on [email protected]}

Worcester Welcomes the Newest Fraser Hart Store

Saturday 28th March saw our brand new store open up in Worcester High Street. The buzz of excitement was palpable, with clusters of shoppers peeking through our windows from as early as 7.30am. Our dedicated Rolex window appeared to evoke genuine enthusiasm with a constant stream of veteran watch enthusiasts seen discussing and comparing the different models.

Worcester Store Opening

Inside the store our dedicated Worcester sales team, having spent the previous weeks planning, prepping and finalising the store, added the final touches to their windows. Champagne flutes were filled, ties were straightened and the ladies took a few moments to perfect the bows on their neck ties before the shutters were raised. Store Manager, Dean Hinchliffe, flanked by his wonderful new team cut the purple ribbon and the Worcester store was officially open.

Worcester Store OpeningEager shoppers flooded into the store, admiring our stunning diamond lounge area complete with complimentary coffee and tea (and the additional flute of champagne). Also seen inside were the dedicated boutique areas for our prestigious watch brands, Tudor, Longines, Tag Heuer and Rolex and a specialised shop-in-shop for Gucci jewellery.

Worcester Store OpeningThe day sped by with a constant stream of excitable customers, esteemed watch enthusiasts and curious by-standers wandering in to catch a glimpse of this charming new arrival. With many others brands including Rado, Citizen, Micheal Kors and Emporio Armani now available in the heart of Worcester, why not pop in and visit us?

Worcester, Fraser Hart | 45 High Street, Worcester, WR1 2QB | 01905 729536

Opening hours and additional information can be found here –




New Wedding Collection Launches in Fraser Hart

The swish of a veil, the clip of a cufflink or the splash of champagne cascading into your glass. Sometimes it’s the smallest of memories that bring you right back to the happiest day of your life, your wedding day. Whilst months of planning go into ensuring that this one special day is everything you and your partner have hoped for, the lasting memories are always the most cherished.

Fraser Hart Wedding

[View our beautiful wedding collection here –]

A symbol of eternity with no beginning or end, your wedding rings will act as a constant reminder of this most special of days and also, your everlasting and unbreakable love for one another. So choosing the perfect ring for both of you should always be done with in-depth consideration and understanding.

As the ‘Ying’ to your ‘Yang’, matching wedding bands can be the perfect reminder of the intimate promise you have both made to each other. This year’s wedding ring collection features these beautiful 9ct white and yellow gold matching bands, detailed with a sparkle cut design around the edges. With the gents measuring a width of 6mm and the ladies at 4mm, this eye-catching design becomes both masculine and feminine enough for to suit the modern couple.

9ct two colour gold 6mm sparkle cut wedding ring

[image – 9ct two colour gold 6mm sparkle cut wedding ring]

The jewellery word has been taken a storm by rose gold as of late with everyone from couture to high street utilising the warm tones of this beautiful metal. With an extreme versatility that allows it to sit comfortably next to a number of different metals, a rose gold wedding band is the perfect choice for the most versatile of couples. Our particular favourites from our new wedding range included this eye-catching palladium and rose gold wave band, this detailed 0.20 carat diamond ladies ring and this delicate 9ct white and rose gold band.

Rose Gold Wedding Rings

[image – [L2R] – Men’s palladium 950 and 9ct rose gold wave wedding ring – £825, Ladies’ 9ct rose gold 0.20 carat diamond wedding ring  – £575, 9ct rose gold and white gold 4mm flat wedding ring – £350]

 Enchantingly beautiful wedding dresses continue to capture our eye and choosing the perfect dress for you can be one of the most exciting stages of planning your wedding. Equally important, the jewellery you choose to make your special day, should captivate your heart and symbolise your love. Our personal favourite is this shimmering pearl and cubic zirconia ‘Y’ drop chain with tiny flower clusters and effortless glamour paired with these adorable cluster studs.

Bridal Jewellery

[image – Silver freshwater cultured pearl and cubic zirconia drop necklace – £135, Silver freshwater cultured pearl and cubic zirconia cluster stud earrings – £45]

Our beautiful wedding collection is now available in-store and online and needs to be seen to be appreciated. Take a quick browse through the range here ->