Fraser Hart 2018 Black Friday Sale

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Your search for the perfect present (for either yourself or someone special) ends here with the week long Black Friday savings event at Fraser Hart. Both online and in-store there are some stunning savings to be made on diamonds, jewellery and watches with an extra 20% off already reduced products from famous brands. With online exclusives also on offer, all your gifts can definitely be bright this year when chosen with love from Fraser Hart.
Here we take a look at some of our top picks at stunning savings.

Extra 20% Off Reduced Products

fraser hart 2018 black friday steel tag heuer watch for him and rose gold morganite ring and yellow gold disc necklace and amethyst ring and rose gold michael kors watch for her

All this week as part of our Black Friday event, take a further 20% off already reduced products. Simply enter the code EXTRA20 into your shopping bag when paying online to receive an extra 20% off already reduced diamonds, jewellery, watches and more across our entire online store. This means you can save on the likes of Citizen, Daniel Wellington, Emporio Armani, Fossil, Michael Kors watches and more (both for him and for her). You can also shop and save on dazzling diamond, glimmering gold and shimmering silver jewellery. Take for example our perfect Christmas gift ideas which include the matching 9ct White Gold 0.18ct Diamond Pear Halo Earrings and Pendant and our 9ct White Gold 0.18ct Diamond Baguette Cluster Earrings and Pendant. Each of these perfect pieces are all on offer and you can save a further 20% on them all when you enter the code EXTRA20 into your shopping bag. Click / Tap here to shop the Black Friday event at Fraser Hart.

Online Exclusive Offers

fraser hart 2018 black friday sale white gold diamond heart pendant and white gold diamond stud earrings and sterling silver crystal hear slider bracelet and ladies michael kors rose gold blair watch

Here are our online exclusive offers for you to indulge and invest in . . . Love to shop and love a sale? Then you are sure to fall in love with the 9ct White Gold 0.15ct Diamond Heart Pendant – ideal for you or that special someone in your life. Reduced from £399 to £199 this week only, use the code EXTRA20 in your shopping bag for a further 20% off this pleasing pendant. Perfect to add a stamp of shining sophistication to the jewellery collection of the stylish lady are the 9ct White Gold 0.70ct Diamond Earrings. This week only they are £499 (reduced from £999) and can be yours with an extra 20% off when you use the code EXTRA20 in your shopping bag. Sleek and serene with a stunning sparkle, our Sterling Silver & Cubic Zirconia Slider bracelet is reduced from £100 to £49 this week only. Once again you can save an extra 20% when you use the code EXTRA20 in your shopping bag. We are not forgetting wonderful watches either with the gorgeously glossy Michael Kors Blair Rose Gold & Crystal 42mm Ladies’ Watch also on offer all this week (was £269 now £199); with an extra 20% off to be availed of when you use the code EXTRA20 in your shopping bag. Click / Tap here to shop the Black Friday event at Fraser Hart.

A Christmas Engagement

fraser hart 2018 black friday sale man wearing cufflinks and a mens watch proposing with a diamond engagement ring to a woman wearing a ladies watch

Planning to propose this festive season? Fraser Hart are proud to stock an exquisite and elegant range of dazzling diamond engagement rings to suit many tastes and styles. Simply perfect to beautifully present to your beloved while down on one knee this festive season, there are savings of up to £2250 to be made on engagement rings with our Black Friday event all this week. Choose from yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and even platinum engagement rings across a range of decadent designs and stunning styles (at stunning savings). Make it a magical Christmas or New Year to remember (some of the most popular times to propose) with an engagement ring chosen with love at Fraser Hart. Simply enter the code EXTRA20 in your online shopping bag to save on our already reduced engagement rings. Click / Tap here to shop our Engagement Ring offers.

TAG Heuer Connected at Fraser Hart

At the end of 2015, TAG Heuer announced the up-coming release of their first smartwatch, the Connected. Engineered with Intel Inside and powered by Android Wear, this luxury timepiece benefits from 150 years of Swiss intelligence. Manufactured in La Chaux-de-Fonds (an iconic location where watch makers have been crafting since the 18th century), the Connected will is now available at Fraser Hart with a 46mm case and boasting all the characteristics of a chronograph.

Fraser Hart Tag Connected

Crafted from grade 2 titanium making it lighter and more resistant to impact and fitted on a texture rubber strap available in seven different colours, TAG Heuer have brought us the perfect watch for every obstacle.

For the very first time, TAG Heuer have developed three digital dials, all of which feature the date and are available in three different colours – black, blue or pearl white. Holding on to the traditions built by their forefathers, TAG Heuer have ensured the digital hands and indexes remain visible at all times – even when the watch is in its energy saving mode.

Fraser Hart TAG Heuer Connected

However, we must not forget that the Connected is TAG’s latest branch into the smartwatch field and therefore comes equipped with a number of different applications from the staple timer, alarm and stopwatch, the Connected can also be loaded with sporting apps such as GolfShot Pro and RaceChrono Pro for those sporting enthusiast amongst us.

Fraser Hart TAG Heuer Connected

4GB of memory and an all-day battery life keep you connected 24/7 whilst the fitted microphone has been designed to interact with Google voice control. All key Android applications used by millions such as Google Fit, Google Maps and Google search are readily available and bring endless streams of information to your fingertips.

Finally, the timepiece also benefits from the traditional TAG Heuer two-year warranty.

The TAG Connected is now available at selected Fraser Hart TAG Official Stockists including our One New Change, Plymouth and Cambridge stores and also online here.

A day in the life of a Sporting Widow

3…2…1 and the clock strikes 5. With the promise of a cozy night in, a glass (or two) of red and a snuggle on the sofa while the latest rom-com induces us into fits of giggles, I mentally plan my perfect evening as I sashay out the office door.

My husband, the hard working and dedicated sole that he is, will walk through the front door – a carefully chosen takeaway from our local indian in one hand and maybe a bouquet of my favourite blooms in the other. After changing into something more comfortable we’ll cuddle on the sofa, hand-in-hand, regaling witty tales from our day at work – me, complaining about the slow nature of our beloved photocopier, him laughing at a hilarious joke passed around his colleagues. The takeaway will be dished up, my fluffy grey throw descend from our bedroom and something romantic staring Jennifer Aniston or Jude Law will fill our screen.

Romantic night in

This vision carries me through the evening rush hour, dwarfing the frustration as the car in front insists on slamming on his breaks and the teenager slows next to me with music causing such a vibration, I fear for the suspension on my own vehicle. Nothing can compete with the knowledge that in a few short minutes, my crippling heels will be discarded and my body will understand the true meaning of relaxation.

As I pull up onto my drive, I notice our road seems slightly more overrun with cars than usual but brush this aside as my neighbours shared excitement to begin their evenings early. Even the discarded beer crates that seem to have moved in next to our rubbish bins do nothing to tip me off to the chaos I find once I enter my home. My visions of romantic evenings and tearful love stories are replaced with a haggle of grown men lounging in my living room, packets of crisps half devoured and balancing precariously on my beloved 1970’s oak coffee table. I count at least 3 beer cans without coasters, four coats thrown across chairs and 5 heads staring intently at our screen.

Even without hearing the bedlam spewing from the television, my heart drops as I realise, I forgot. I forgot the date. I forgot the month. I forgot about the UEFA Euro’s…


I forgot that for the next couple of months, my evenings of peaceful bliss will be tossed aside in favour of 22 men in shorts dedicated to re-uniting a net with its ball. And even when the football ends (or slows down), this pitch will simply be replaced with another one whether it be Wimbledon, the US Open or then The Olympics. My once attentive and loving husband will become a ghost of the partner I once knew. Evenings will be spelt cuddling his phone as he obsessively tracks his bets and snuggling on the sofa with The Guardian (Sports section) in the evening.

For the past 10 years and for the foreseeable future, I will have to come to terms with the fact that, from June onwards, I essentially become a Sporting Widow.

However, I can’t spend too much time complaining as a single idea enters my head and a smile begins to creep across my face. I remove those heels previously mentioned, pour myself a large glass of red wine and ascend to our bedroom clutching the laptop. Closing the door on the mayhem downstairs, I type in two magic words… ‘Fraser Hart‘. The month of June may be my hubby’s time to indulge in the occasional bet but it also becomes my ‘treat month’. One glass of wine down, a few clicks of my mouse and I lay back on the bed with a grin. Flicking through Netflix and settling on a classic Jennifer Anniston number I think, June isn’t all that bad.

 Calling all Sporting Widows, treat yourself this Summer with something special from Fraser Hart.

Hublot commissions one off football portraits

Come this Saturday, prepare to witness the ritual workings of one of the worlds most revered tribes… the football fan. Expect a sea of red, white and blue to cascade down your local high street, chants reverberating from store windows and the occasional roar of over bubbling excitement.

Unless you’ve restricted yourself to four walls, shunned the local news (on every print or digital platform available) and restricted yourself to conversations with the local pets, you’ve probably seen a thing or two about the UEFA EURO 2016 which kicks off this Friday at 8pm (UK time). From its humble beginnings in 1958 where just 17 national football associations took part to the latest tournament where 24 teams have a chance at winning the illusive trophy, the UEFA EURO 2016 is Europe’s biggest football tournament and one of the most anticipated.

Fraser Hart | Hublot are the official partners of the UEFA EURO 2016

In March 2016 Swiss luxury watch brand, Hublot, confirmed its leadership on planet football with its 10th year as the UEFA EURO official football games master. As the official partner of the games, Hublot has managed to further establish its commitment to football utilising it’s strong relationships with both its official ambassadors and friends of the brand who are all part of the ‘Hublot Loves Football’ world.

To celebrate its 10th year with UEFA EURO, Hublot have commissioned a series of one-off portraits highlighting the most influential and emblematic figures in football from referees, players and coaches.

Fraser Hart | Rio Ferdinand Hublot EURO 2016

Rio Ferdinand, former English international player.
His EURO highlight was Gazza’s goal against Scotland in UEFA EURO 1996.

Fraser Hart | Jose Mourinho Hublot EURO 2016

José Mourinho, coach.
His EURO highlight has yet to come.

Expect to also spot the iconic Hublot logo on the pitch as well, emblazed on the panels indicating extra time and player changes. Placing themselves at the forefront of your vision and alongside one of the most iconic competitions in the European calendar, Hublot have fully established themselves as the luxury watch brand of the football fan.

Hublot watches is available in the following stores – Brent Cross, Cardiff (Crouch, Dewi Sant) or London – One New Change. The collection can also be viewed on our website at the link shown below:

Pearl – June’s Birthstone

For all those born in the month of June, your birthstone is the illustrious pearl. Seen as symbol of modesty, chastity and purity, the pearl is recognised as one of the oldest known gemstones.

Pearl Junes BirthstoneEach pearl is a true piece of art, formed entirely in nature. Born within molluscs such as oysters and mussels and used as a natural defence against irritants, the pearl is made up of layers of calcium carbonate with an incomparable shimmer.

Pearls can vary in colour from white to pinks, browns and blacks all depending on their place of birth and the levels of salt in the water. As the only gemstone derived from a living organism in the sea, the pearl requires no polishing to reveal its intrinsic beauty.

Pearl Jewellery at Fraser Hart

Pearls have been revered for their beauty for more than 4,000 years. Ancient Egyptians were so enamoured by this beautiful gem, they were often buried alongside them. Pharaoh Cleopatra was said to have dissolved a pearl in a glass of wine in a bet, claiming she could consume the wealth of an entire nation in just one meal.

During the Dark Ages, knights wore pearls into battle to protect them from harm while fair noble ladies cherished gifts of pearl necklaces. Because of their high regard, a number of countries passed laws forbidding anyone other than nobility to wear them.

Today, the pearl is widely revered in the jewellery industry with its incomparable sheen and shimmer. Pairing perfectly with both yellow and white gold in a variety of styles, the humble pearls is beloved by all and a key staple in the traditional bridal outfit.

Pearl Jewellery at Fraser Hart

Treat her this June with a piece of history and shop our pearl jewellery and ring collection here.

Raymond Weil Maestro Beatles Limited Edition watch at Fraser Hart

To celebrate 40 years, Swiss luxury watchmaker Raymond Weil have revealed one of their most exciting musical partnerships to date. Teaming up with one of the most iconic and influential acts of the 1960’s, the new Limited Edition Maestro Beatles timepiece has now arrived at Fraser Hart.

Fraser Hart Raymond Weil The Beatles

Fitted with a mechanical self-winding movement housed in a 39.5mm case, its bespoke dial features each of the 13 Beatles’ album titles written between the hour markers with the 4 o’clock index marked by ‘Help’ – a homage to the iconic album cover released in 1965. Stamped with The Beatles logo both on the dial and on its smoked sapphire crystal case back, each piece is stamped with its own individual edition number – a true collector’s piece with only 3,000 pieces being produced.

Fraser Hart Raymond Weil The Beatles


Fraser Hart Raymond Weil The Beatles

‘We are overjoyed to once again honour great music legends this year and celebrate our 40th anniversary with the Fab Four!”, says Elie Bernheim, CEO RAYMOND WEIL.

The Raymond Weil Maestro Beatles Limited Edition timepiece is now available in selected Fraser Hart stores. Enquire with your nearest store here.

Fraser Hart celebrates 80 years of Timeless Diamonds

This year, Fraser Hart are proud to be celebrating our 80th birthday.

Fraser Hart 80th Birthday

Since 1936 when our founder, Fred Hill opened the first store in Glasgow our aim has been simple – to bring you timeless pieces you will treasure forever, from people you trust.

To mark the occasion, we have commissioned an exclusive new collection called Timeless Diamonds. In designing these pieces, we’ve gone through our archives to uncover some of the most iconic and timeless jewellery designs beloved by Fraser Hart customers throughout the past 80 years.

Paying homage to an iconic staple, the engagement ring, our first Timeless Diamond is this exquisite diamond halo set cluster ring. Crafted from polished platinum and expertly set with 80 points of diamonds representing our 80 years of creating treasured moments, this modernised design was selected as a homage to the art deco-style designs of the 1930’s – our founding year.

Fraser Hart Timeless Diamonds Collection

Carrying the thirties design style throughout the collection, our Buyers have worked closely with renowned diamond craftsmen to deliver this 18ct white gold multi band dress ring. With five bands of alternatively sized and expertly set diamonds, adding up to a total weight of 0.80ct, each carat point represents another year of treasured moments and timeless memories here at Fraser Hart.

Fraser Hart Timeless Diamonds Collection

Moving on and completing our Timeless Diamonds collection, one of our most treasured jewellery designs has been re-designed in honour of the past 80 years. Now set in 18ct white gold, we bring you a diamond cluster pendant and a pair of matching halo set stud earrings – a timeless set to carry you through any celebration. With each piece skilfully set with 0.80ct of diamonds (the earrings have a total diamond weight of 0.80ct), these pieces complete our exclusive collection.

Fraser Hart Timeless Diamonds Collection

Our Timeless Diamond Collection is available in all 39 Fraser Hart stores across the UK and can also be viewed online through the links listed above.

As we pause to celebrate this milestone birthday, the entire team would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to everyone who has supported us over the past 80 years.

We are proud to have played our part in creating your most precious moments.

From each and every one of us.

Thank You

Aurora Certified Diamond Collection – Timeless Beauty, Endless Light

The dawn, daybreak and sunshine. The mythical Roman Goddess of Dawn, Aurora, was believed to be the bringer of morning light. Astride her majestic chariot, she would lead her sister (Helios, the Sun) into the sky every morning, bringing the break of dawn to all. It is said that her tears dust the awakening world as morning dew and these luminous droplets signal the coming of a new day.

Aurora Roman Goddess History Image

With a name that relates closely to the Latin word aurum meaning gold and romantically bound with the coming of light, our newest diamond engagement ring collection could only be inspired by this mythological being. Taking the Roman Goddess’s love affair with brightness and dawn, our Aurora Certified Diamond Collection emits a timeless beauty.

Aurora Certified Diamond Collection | Fraser Hart

Exclusive to Fraser Hart, our Aurora diamonds sit high and proud in their setting which has been specifically designed to allow optimal light to pass beneath and through the diamond. Each beam of light enters the diamond at its own unique location and shimmers through, delivering a continuous stream of delight and sparkle.

Fraser Hart | Aurora Certfied Diamond Collection | Timeless Beauty Endless Light

In homage to the Goddess of Dawn herself, each Aurora diamond is certificated by The International Gemological Institute (IGI). The world’s largest independent gemstone laboratory, this certificate guarantees the precise cut, clarity, colour and carat of the individual diamonds giving you the unique story behind your chosen ring.

Fraser Hart | Aurora Certified Diamond Collection | Timeless Beauty, Endless Light


Emphasising its endless light, each Aurora diamond is guaranteed to have at least a ‘Very Good’ cut, promising that true precision and expertise have been executed during the cutting and polishing of your diamond. Pair this with the unique Aurora mount and your symbol of everlasting love guarantees to shimmer from day one into eternity.

Choosing to utter those four little words may take some planning but falling in love with an Aurora ring is endless and timeless.

Discover Aurora Certificated Diamond Collection today –

Emerald – May’s Birthstone

Named after the Greek word ‘smaragdos’ which translates into ‘green stone’, the Emerald has a long and rich history. At the earliest known gem market in Babylon in around 4,000 BC, an Emerald was dedicated by the Ancients to Venus, the Goddess of Love.

Cleopatra was also believed to have been extremely fond of the stone and claimed all the Egyptian Emerald mines for herself during her reign.

Emerald May Birthstone

Believed to be the month of rebirth, the Emerald has become widely recognised as the birthstone for May and is said to grant the wearer with good fortune, youth and foresight. The gemstone has a long standing relationship with the jewellery industry, having been mounted into a magnificent necklace set for the Russian jewellers of the 18th century and eventually inspiring the ‘Emerald Cut’ which is now used to cut diamonds. Nowadays, Emerald are the perfect gemstone for everything from a special pendant and earring set to your beloved and cherished engagement ring.

A symbol of loyalty, friendship and success this exquisite gemstone has become one of our most beloved and cherished precious stones and is the perfect gift for the May birthday in your life.

Shop Emerald jewels here

The OMEGA Globemaster at Fraser Hart

Unveiled at Baselworld 2015, the OMEGA Globemaster was created in the true spirit of the brand. With more than 50 years of inspiration, the Globemaster holds OMEGA‘s most advanced mechanical movement. Representing horological expertise and the brand’s dedication to precision and outstanding performance, the design for this iconic model was strongly inspired by the early Constellation models.

Fraser Hart | Omega Globemaster

As the world’s first Master Chronometer, each watch goes through a series of independent tests. Revolutionary to the watch industry, this new certification establishes a new quality standard. To earn the name ‘Master Chronometer’ the finished model (who’s movement is of COSC chronometer grading) must ‘pass tests approved by the Swiss Federal Institution of Metrology which replicate the real-life wearing conditions and demonstrate resistance to water and magnetic fields.’ (as stated on the official OMEGA website). This certification now ensures each watch will far exceed the standards that have long been the watch industies norms.

Fraser Hart | Globemaster Master Chronometer

[image – Discover the strenuous tests a watch must go through to be classed as a Master Chronometer here)

With a unique case design, the fluted bezel with ridged tips lends itself to a iconic and instantly recognisable model. Protecting the OMEGA CO-Axial Master Chronometer calibre 8900/8901 is a domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal screen with a medallion stamped with the image of an observatory surrounded by a polished sky dotted with 8 symbolic stars. The iconic pie-pan dial made famous by the Constellation in 1952 features on all models with slight variations on colour dependant on the case metal.

Omega Globemaster Dial

These revolutionary models are now available at selected Fraser Hart stores including our Bromley, Stirling and Newbury branches.

Discover more about Omega here –