International Women’s Day 2019

In honour of the theme of International Women’s Day on the 8th of March 2019 being ‘Balance for Better’ (#balanceforbetter), we have created this blog post to highlight how aesthetic accessories such as jewellery and watches can beautifully balance your looks. Of course the sentiment of the day extends far beyond outfits and aesthetics; but these perfect pieces can serve as punctuations and reminders to live in this ‘Balance for Better’ ethos.

international womens day 2019 gucci g-frame and gucci g-timeless gold tone steel and floral leather ladies watches

The iconic Italian fashion house of Gucci can always be relied upon to produce stunning and stylish wristwear. Pictured above are both their G-Frame and G-Timeless designs that combine form and function with absolute finesse. They each pair classically feminine floral leather with glimmering gold-tone steel for decadent designs that merge charming character with endurance and strength. As a watch can balance any outfit by accentuating the wrist, choosing a Gucci watch is a choice for beautiful designer balance that tips the style stakes in your favour. Indulge and invest in a glamorous Gucci watch to empower and embolden your aesthetic.

international womens day 2019 sterling silver cubic zirocnia heart locket

Keep your loved ones close and keep love in firm focus with this shimmering sterling silver locket. Crafted with clear crystal detailing and complete with a decadent deep blue hue, it showcases a beautifully balanced colour scheme that empowers the piece with versatile appeal. As one can display photos within the heart-shaped locket, it can serve as a reminder to keep what is important close and to balance the needs and the wants in life. Consider it as the perfect punctuation as it works to wonderfully accentuate any look while beautifully binding it together.

international womens day 2019 gucci plexi pink pearl and crystal bangle ladies watch

Last but not least – we simply had to feature this visually magnetic Gucci Plexi watch. Made in a neat 24mm sizing, it comprises of a beautiful bangle (studded with pink crystals) that can be elegantly draped around the wrist. Paired with a radiant pink pearl face, a red and green striped design and glimmering yellow gold-tone steel; it offers the wearer a stunning symphony of styles. As such, it is perfect to add balance to a more neutral and / or minimalist look. If one is looking for a punctuation of style that stands out for all the right reasons, courts compliments and attracts attention in abundance – look no further than this wonderful watch.

As we know, we all deserve to live in a balanced world where we are equally appreciated and respected – regardless of gender. While the theme of International Women’s Day 2019 extends far beyond aesthetics and style, we can use these punctuations as reminders to strive for and continuously work towards balance for better in life.

New Sterling Silver Collection at Fraser Hart

Our new sterling silver collection at Fraser Hart is sure to dazzle and delight all who see it due to its serene and shimmering style. It contains a collection of captivating celestial motifs, decadent drop styles, gorgeous geometric shapes and more. These are crafted in bracelet, earring, necklace, necklet, pendant and ring designs and feature on-trend appeal such as the layering style. Learn more about these perfect pieces for yourself or as a gift idea for that special someone below and click / tap here to browse and buy the entire sterling silver collection at Fraser Hart.


fraser hart sterling silver jewellery celestial jewellery inlcuding a moon and star pendant a moon and star necklace a pair of moon earrings a pair of starburst earrings and a woman wearing a pair of star earrings

When designing this collection, we were inspired by the radiance of the cosmos and also noted the trending aesthetic of celestial motifs such as moons and stars. As such, the collection features an abundance of these across an array of stunning stud earrings, perfect pendants and on-trend layered necklets. Some are decorated with sparkling cubic zirconia stones which attractively allude to this celestial inspiration and empower the designs to shimmer and shine even further. We love how they add a sense of serene sophistication to any look or outfit choice and we are sure you will love this aspect also. Consider too the universal appeal of the captivating celestial collection as it makes a great gift idea for someone special to you.

Click / Tap here to browse and buy the entire sterling silver collection at Fraser Hart.


fraser hart sterling silver jewellery droplet jewellery including sterling silver bracelet and sterling silver wave ring and sterling silver cubic zirconia graduated necklace and woman wearing sterling silver cubic zirconia climber earrings

Working with sleek sterling silver meant thinking about it and presenting it in many beautiful ways. Observing the slick form of liquid metal / quicksilver, we incorporated a droplet style into the collection to allude to this sense of movement and fluidity. This sees teardrop-like shapes daintily drape from beautiful bracelets and necklets for example. One pair of earrings in particular is crafted in the eye-catching climber style which sees round cut cubic zirconia sit up within the fold of the ear in a contemporary styling (instead of hanging from the lobe in the more traditional style). The result is a decadent collection of eye-catching jewellery that aads a serene sense of movement to your look when the pieces are worn.

Click / Tap here to browse and buy the entire sterling silver collection at Fraser Hart.

Earring and Pendant Sets

fraser hart sterling silver jewellery earring and pendant sets including a sterling silver and cubic zirconia lariat necklace and matching earrings and sterling silver marquise drop earrings and matching pendant and a woman wearing a pair of sterling silver cubic zirconia disc stud earrings

While singular staple pieces will forever have a place within the jewellery collection of the stylish and sophisticated lady; we were conscious too that matching sets remain a decadent and desired choice too. We incorporated this cohesiveness across earring and pendant sets that showcase the marvellous marquise shape and luxuriously linear styles for example. Bars, strands and tassels also make appearances – as does the warm rose gold plating which adds a striking colour contrast with the cooler clear cubic zirconia and silver tones. What is great about these matching styles is that the pieces can still be worn individually without losing any of their charm or captivation. As such, they make for a versatile choice (and great gift idea) that you can always rely on.

Click / Tap here to browse and buy the entire sterling silver collection at Fraser Hart.


fraser hart sterling silver jewellery geometric styles heart-shaped pendant and drop ball earrings and cubic zirconia wave ring and sterling silver and rose gold plated pendant and woman wearing silver circle and tassel earrings

Overall within the collection lies a distinct and deliberate focus on gorgeous geometric shapes. Open circles, elongated bars, spherical decorations and more punctuate the designs and empower the pieces with both visual awareness and visual magnetism. Take for example the matching sterling silver and rose gold plated open circle and bar earrings and pendant. They incorporate this use of geometric shapes in tandem with colour interplay for an aesthetic that is sure to attract admirable attention. The use of geometrics is perfect for those who like their style to be noticeable without being over the top – stunning yet subtle in equal measure.

Click / Tap here to browse and buy the entire sterling silver collection at Fraser Hart.

Slider Bracelets

fraser hart sterling silver jewellery slider bracelets in sterling silver beaded ball and cubic zirconia and rose gold plated designs

There are many beautiful aspects to address and adore when discussing slider bracelets, but we love the slider style in itself due to the comfort and security it offers the wearer. As they can be adjusted to perfectly fit the wrist, one can rely on them to add beacons of beauty to the wrist that will remain stylishly in place at all times. Our slider bracelet designs within this sterling silver collection feature rows of sparkling cubic zirconia stones and beautiful beaded ball and sphere shapes – some of which are plated in opulent and on-trend rose gold. They make the perfect present for the stylish lady in your life. But do of course consider them too as an indulgent treat for you as their captivating aesthetic and comfortable application ensure you will cherish them forever.

Click / Tap here to browse and buy the entire sterling silver collection at Fraser Hart.

The Hint List – Perfect Christmas Gifts

December is just around the corner and with it comes a month of festive celebrations as we count down to Christmas. Whether you consider yourself a shopping pro, or dread the panic of finding the perfect gift, research suggests that many of us miss the hint when it comes to finding that dream gift for our special someone.

In fact, 80% off men miss the hint altogether when it comes to what gift their partners would love. To help ease the stress when it comes to gifting, we’ve put together some of our favourite seasonal shopping picks, so whether you’re dropping the hint this year or trying to pick up on it, be sure to pick up one of our Hint List postcards, tick which gift you’d love and leave it in a not so subtle place.


They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so what better gift to give the woman in your life? 2016 marks Fraser Hart’s 80th  Christmas,  and to celebrate such a special occasion we commissioned a range of timelessly beautiful diamond pieces, all set with 0.80 points of diamond, one for each year.

A matching diamond earring and necklace set is a classic jewellery box staple that will always be in style, so whether you choose our round halo set, as featured,  or cushion shaped set, it’s sure to be a gift she’ll treasure forever.

18-63-2-5848 brieling nativtimer 01

Nothing says well-dressed quite like a stylish men’s watch, and with a variety of luxury and fashion brands available at Fraser Hart, you’ll be spoilt for choice if you choose to give HIM the gift of time this Christmas. If precision is key, turn to Swiss made watches from Breitling. This new in self-winding addition to the Navitimer collection, boasts a minimum power reserve of 70 hours, showcases a matte black cambered sapphire crystal chronograph dial finished with black subdials and markers, and striking red and white accents

 infinity necklace

Looking to celebrate a special relationship with a meaningful piece of jewellery? The infinity symbol represents a bond that cannot be broken, one that is everlasting making it a perfect gift for a special friend. Available in a variety of different pieces from bracelets to fashion charms, we particularly love this 9ct gold necklace for dainty everyday style that will compliment any outfit.

 brilliant fire boxed

Finally, if you’re wanting to give the gift of love this year and pop the big question, our experts are on hand to help you find the perfect ring for the perfect proposal. Our Brilliant Fire range of independently IGI certificated diamond rings are sure to take her breath away. Brilliant Fire rings are ideal cut revealing an exquisite and precise pattern of eight hearts and arrows, meaning these rings really do have the perfect sparkle for those who desire the exceptional from this most symbolic of gifts.

Pearl – June’s Birthstone

For all those born in the month of June, your birthstone is the illustrious pearl. Seen as symbol of modesty, chastity and purity, the pearl is recognised as one of the oldest known gemstones.

Pearl Junes BirthstoneEach pearl is a true piece of art, formed entirely in nature. Born within molluscs such as oysters and mussels and used as a natural defence against irritants, the pearl is made up of layers of calcium carbonate with an incomparable shimmer.

Pearls can vary in colour from white to pinks, browns and blacks all depending on their place of birth and the levels of salt in the water. As the only gemstone derived from a living organism in the sea, the pearl requires no polishing to reveal its intrinsic beauty.

Pearl Jewellery at Fraser Hart

Pearls have been revered for their beauty for more than 4,000 years. Ancient Egyptians were so enamoured by this beautiful gem, they were often buried alongside them. Pharaoh Cleopatra was said to have dissolved a pearl in a glass of wine in a bet, claiming she could consume the wealth of an entire nation in just one meal.

During the Dark Ages, knights wore pearls into battle to protect them from harm while fair noble ladies cherished gifts of pearl necklaces. Because of their high regard, a number of countries passed laws forbidding anyone other than nobility to wear them.

Today, the pearl is widely revered in the jewellery industry with its incomparable sheen and shimmer. Pairing perfectly with both yellow and white gold in a variety of styles, the humble pearls is beloved by all and a key staple in the traditional bridal outfit.

Pearl Jewellery at Fraser Hart

Treat her this June with a piece of history and shop our pearl jewellery and ring collection here.

Fraser Hart celebrates 80 years of Timeless Diamonds

This year, Fraser Hart are proud to be celebrating our 80th birthday.

Fraser Hart 80th Birthday

Since 1936 when our founder, Fred Hill opened the first store in Glasgow our aim has been simple – to bring you timeless pieces you will treasure forever, from people you trust.

To mark the occasion, we have commissioned an exclusive new collection called Timeless Diamonds. In designing these pieces, we’ve gone through our archives to uncover some of the most iconic and timeless jewellery designs beloved by Fraser Hart customers throughout the past 80 years.

Paying homage to an iconic staple, the engagement ring, our first Timeless Diamond is this exquisite diamond halo set cluster ring. Crafted from polished platinum and expertly set with 80 points of diamonds representing our 80 years of creating treasured moments, this modernised design was selected as a homage to the art deco-style designs of the 1930’s – our founding year.

Fraser Hart Timeless Diamonds Collection

Carrying the thirties design style throughout the collection, our Buyers have worked closely with renowned diamond craftsmen to deliver this 18ct white gold multi band dress ring. With five bands of alternatively sized and expertly set diamonds, adding up to a total weight of 0.80ct, each carat point represents another year of treasured moments and timeless memories here at Fraser Hart.

Fraser Hart Timeless Diamonds Collection

Moving on and completing our Timeless Diamonds collection, one of our most treasured jewellery designs has been re-designed in honour of the past 80 years. Now set in 18ct white gold, we bring you a diamond cluster pendant and a pair of matching halo set stud earrings – a timeless set to carry you through any celebration. With each piece skilfully set with 0.80ct of diamonds (the earrings have a total diamond weight of 0.80ct), these pieces complete our exclusive collection.

Fraser Hart Timeless Diamonds Collection

Our Timeless Diamond Collection is available in all 39 Fraser Hart stores across the UK and can also be viewed online through the links listed above.

As we pause to celebrate this milestone birthday, the entire team would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to everyone who has supported us over the past 80 years.

We are proud to have played our part in creating your most precious moments.

From each and every one of us.

Thank You

Emerald – May’s Birthstone

Named after the Greek word ‘smaragdos’ which translates into ‘green stone’, the Emerald has a long and rich history. At the earliest known gem market in Babylon in around 4,000 BC, an Emerald was dedicated by the Ancients to Venus, the Goddess of Love.

Cleopatra was also believed to have been extremely fond of the stone and claimed all the Egyptian Emerald mines for herself during her reign.

Emerald May Birthstone

Believed to be the month of rebirth, the Emerald has become widely recognised as the birthstone for May and is said to grant the wearer with good fortune, youth and foresight. The gemstone has a long standing relationship with the jewellery industry, having been mounted into a magnificent necklace set for the Russian jewellers of the 18th century and eventually inspiring the ‘Emerald Cut’ which is now used to cut diamonds. Nowadays, Emerald are the perfect gemstone for everything from a special pendant and earring set to your beloved and cherished engagement ring.

A symbol of loyalty, friendship and success this exquisite gemstone has become one of our most beloved and cherished precious stones and is the perfect gift for the May birthday in your life.

Shop Emerald jewels here

Diamonds – April’s birthstone

A symbol of purity, innocence and harmony, April is the month of the diamond. The purest, rarest and most valuable gemstone in history, diamonds were once reserved for Royalty – seen only in the tiaras and jewels of Kings and Queens. The magpies in us all stared longingly at these shimmering stones, captivated by their un-worldly allure and dreaming of the day they could be ours.

Queen Elizabeth II Royal Coronation wearing the Crown Jewels

[image: HRH Queen Elizabeth II on her Coronation Day wearing the Crown Jewels]

Today, that day has become a reality. The once untouchable diamond has now become one of our most desired commodities and continues to draw an admiring eye. Owning your own diamond is now a very tangible reality with a large variety of styles, prices and products to choose from.

Fraser Hart Diamond Eternity Rings

[image: A collection of 18ct yellow gold and diamond eternity rings from the Fraser Hart collection]

 To understand the rarity of a diamond, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite statistics:

  • Chances are, the diamond you hold in your hand began life around 3.3 million years ago.
  • The Global diamond production in 2015 was estimated to be around 135.5M carats.
  • Only 19% of the worlds rough diamonds are of gem quality (e.g they are of high enough quality to set into the jewellery you buy).

The diamond is a stone with an undeniable sheen and sparkle so it is something bewildering to discover that they are formed of pure carbon – the very same substance as the graphite in your pencil! Every diamond found in your jewels has undergone a remarkable journey over a billion years ago beneath the earth’s surface.

Fraser Hart Diamond Cluster Rings

[image: Our Fraser Hart emerald, pear and marquise cut diamond halo engagement rings with split shank diamond shoulders]

 Discover more about these breathtaking gemstones in our Diamond Buying Guide here –

 Be united with your perfect diamond online or in-store in one of our 39 stores across the UK –

All I Want For Christmas

The bells are ringing in the distance, the wrapping paper has descended on the high street and people are dusting off last year’s Christmas hats. It may only be the beginning of November but here at Fraser Hart we are well and truly in the festive spirit. Our stores have dug out their Christmas trees, brushed up on those essential gift wrapping skills and started their letters to Santa and we’re encouraging everyone to get involved.

Here at Fraser Hart, we’re all about the traditional Christmas. Picture logs under the fire, stockings hung from the chimney (with care) and mince pies left on the table for Santa to munch during his visit. This year, we’ve brought a traditional, homely Christmas to our stores and wrapped up everything you need to make your Christmas extra special.

Fraser Hart Christmas at Brent Cross


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Love of a Lifetime: Preserving Your Diamond Ring

A diamond ring is one of the most precious gifts you can receive – or indeed, give to yourself but the pride of owning a diamond ring also comes with a certain degree of responsibility. Keeping a diamond ring in its gorgeous, glittering condition for a lifetime requires care and attention, and it’s important to know the proper ways to care for, clean, and protect your treasured gemstone.

Three Diamond Ring

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July Birthstone: Ruby

Originally linked with the signs of the Zodiac, gems have now become strongly associated with our calendar months. Steeped in rich history, the folklore surrounding our favourite birthstones is still beloved today with many still drawing inspiration from the believed healing properties and symbolism of these beautiful stones. As we settle ourselves firmly into the month of July, we’ve decided to pay homage to this month’s chosen gem, the ruby.

July Birthstone Ruby Fraser Hart


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