International Women’s Day 2019

In honour of the theme of International Women’s Day on the 8th of March 2019 being ‘Balance for Better’ (#balanceforbetter), we have created this blog post to highlight how aesthetic accessories such as jewellery and watches can beautifully balance your looks. Of course the sentiment of the day extends far beyond outfits and aesthetics; but these perfect pieces can serve as punctuations and reminders to live in this ‘Balance for Better’ ethos.

international womens day 2019 gucci g-frame and gucci g-timeless gold tone steel and floral leather ladies watches

The iconic Italian fashion house of Gucci can always be relied upon to produce stunning and stylish wristwear. Pictured above are both their G-Frame and G-Timeless designs that combine form and function with absolute finesse. They each pair classically feminine floral leather with glimmering gold-tone steel for decadent designs that merge charming character with endurance and strength. As a watch can balance any outfit by accentuating the wrist, choosing a Gucci watch is a choice for beautiful designer balance that tips the style stakes in your favour. Indulge and invest in a glamorous Gucci watch to empower and embolden your aesthetic.

international womens day 2019 sterling silver cubic zirocnia heart locket

Keep your loved ones close and keep love in firm focus with this shimmering sterling silver locket. Crafted with clear crystal detailing and complete with a decadent deep blue hue, it showcases a beautifully balanced colour scheme that empowers the piece with versatile appeal. As one can display photos within the heart-shaped locket, it can serve as a reminder to keep what is important close and to balance the needs and the wants in life. Consider it as the perfect punctuation as it works to wonderfully accentuate any look while beautifully binding it together.

international womens day 2019 gucci plexi pink pearl and crystal bangle ladies watch

Last but not least – we simply had to feature this visually magnetic Gucci Plexi watch. Made in a neat 24mm sizing, it comprises of a beautiful bangle (studded with pink crystals) that can be elegantly draped around the wrist. Paired with a radiant pink pearl face, a red and green striped design and glimmering yellow gold-tone steel; it offers the wearer a stunning symphony of styles. As such, it is perfect to add balance to a more neutral and / or minimalist look. If one is looking for a punctuation of style that stands out for all the right reasons, courts compliments and attracts attention in abundance – look no further than this wonderful watch.

As we know, we all deserve to live in a balanced world where we are equally appreciated and respected – regardless of gender. While the theme of International Women’s Day 2019 extends far beyond aesthetics and style, we can use these punctuations as reminders to strive for and continuously work towards balance for better in life.

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