The Business of Style at Fraser Hart

Far from traditional suits and shirts, men’s business and office style has evolved to include many aesthetic accessories such as cufflinks, wallets, watches and more. If you look at the business of style (and style in business), you can discover many different pieces that the dapper gentleman can use to act as an extension of his style, personality and character as a whole. When working in a business and / or office setting, first impressions can be crucial. So consider empowering your look with some of these sleek style staples from Fraser Hart – a perfect way to way to stand out from the pack in a subtle, yet sophisticated, manner.


Classically masculine and great way with which to add a flash of finesse to any look, wristwear like watches and cufflinks are a mainstay in the mainstream. Brands are conscious of this too and are keen to offer you designer options to add opulence to your attire. By choosing a designer piece of wristwear, you demonstrate a confidence in your aesthetic that can be read as a personality trait. Yes it may simply be a watch or a pair of cufflinks, but what do they say about who is wearing them? Was his choice of an all black watch a conscious one so that it can pair well with most suiting colours and have enduring appeal (thus demonstrating foresight and versatility); or were the designer cufflinks a gift from a loved one or a treat for himself (alluding to a person who is valued and knows their own value)?

business of style at fraser hart hugo boss watch and cufflink sets with male model writing with pen and paper

Pictured above are HUGO BOSS watch sets that allude to these conscious character traits. Each are sleek and stylish in their own way as we see a display of classic leather and contemporary steel designs. With the additions of cufflinks and money clips available as part of these sets; the dapper gentleman can punctuate his look with designer appeal that is both highly aesthetic and highly functional. A win-win in all situations, these HUGO BOSS gift sets are a perfect present idea – or indeed make for a well deserved treat that will serve you well. HUGO BOSS also extend their appeal further as they craft designer writing instruments and leather folders too. Click / Tap here to browse and buy HUGO BOSS accessories online at Fraser Hart.

Smart Accessories

In 2019 our accessories can do so much more than simply look good. They can become reliable tools for conducting everyday business and a helpful part of life in general. Yet they still retain a tellingly stylish edge (conscious of the aesthetic awareness of the world today). That is why Fraser Hart are proud to stock Secrid Wallets – clever and compact wallets that can hold a multitude of cards, cash, receipts and more. They are also built with an aluminium card protector which protects the likes of debit and credit cards from unwanted wireless communication and potential skimming and hacking. A very clever (and immensely useful) feature indeed.

business of style at fraser secrid wallets matte grey leather wallet and red leather wallet and vintage black leather wallet

As you can see, Secrid Wallets at Fraser Hart are available to buy online in a multitude of hues. They also come in different coloured leather styles – with classic leather, matte leather and vintage leather being some of the aesthetics on offer. Eye-catching in appearance and awe-inspiring in their functionality, they are sure to become a talking point when observed in action by your colleagues and comrades alike. A surefire hit if you need a gift for the dapper gentleman in your life, or if you yourself need a safe and slick pocket storage solution. Click / Tap here to browse and buy Secrid Wallets online at Fraser Hart.

Small Leather Goods

Classic small leather goods are presented in contemporary stylings here at Fraser Hart. Our Montblanc range keeps luxury lifestyle at the forefront – even when it comes to likes of notebooks and writing instruments. Premium pieces of perfection, owning a Montblanc accessory empowers you with an undeniable gentlemanly gravitas that turbocharges the likes of note taking and writing signatures into an art form. Indeed in the world of business, would you prefer to sign the contract of a lifetime with any ordinary pen; or a master crafted pen that alludes to the greatness about to unfold?

business of style at fraser hart montblanc pen set and black wallet set and blue leather notebook set

Founded in 1906, Montblanc have existed as a premium brand for over one-hundred years for good reason. They craft simply perfect pieces that are meant to be cherished and treasured forever. Simply perfect for those who settle for nothing less than the best, their products turbocharge their owners with a sense of sleek sophistication that is sure to radiate from their aura. A sure sign of luxury lifestyle, choosing Montblanc is a choice for classic captivation that will enchant all who interact with their products. Click / Tap here to browse and buy Montblanc online at Fraser Hart.

In 2019 the dapper gentleman is spoiled for choice when it comes to the offering of premium and luxurious aesthetic options. Choose them as the perfect gift for someone special – or indeed as an indulgent treat for yourself from Fraser Hart.

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