New Sterling Silver Collection at Fraser Hart

Our new sterling silver collection at Fraser Hart is sure to dazzle and delight all who see it due to its serene and shimmering style. It contains a collection of captivating celestial motifs, decadent drop styles, gorgeous geometric shapes and more. These are crafted in bracelet, earring, necklace, necklet, pendant and ring designs and feature on-trend appeal such as the layering style. Learn more about these perfect pieces for yourself or as a gift idea for that special someone below and click / tap here to browse and buy the entire sterling silver collection at Fraser Hart.


fraser hart sterling silver jewellery celestial jewellery inlcuding a moon and star pendant a moon and star necklace a pair of moon earrings a pair of starburst earrings and a woman wearing a pair of star earrings

When designing this collection, we were inspired by the radiance of the cosmos and also noted the trending aesthetic of celestial motifs such as moons and stars. As such, the collection features an abundance of these across an array of stunning stud earrings, perfect pendants and on-trend layered necklets. Some are decorated with sparkling cubic zirconia stones which attractively allude to this celestial inspiration and empower the designs to shimmer and shine even further. We love how they add a sense of serene sophistication to any look or outfit choice and we are sure you will love this aspect also. Consider too the universal appeal of the captivating celestial collection as it makes a great gift idea for someone special to you.

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fraser hart sterling silver jewellery droplet jewellery including sterling silver bracelet and sterling silver wave ring and sterling silver cubic zirconia graduated necklace and woman wearing sterling silver cubic zirconia climber earrings

Working with sleek sterling silver meant thinking about it and presenting it in many beautiful ways. Observing the slick form of liquid metal / quicksilver, we incorporated a droplet style into the collection to allude to this sense of movement and fluidity. This sees teardrop-like shapes daintily drape from beautiful bracelets and necklets for example. One pair of earrings in particular is crafted in the eye-catching climber style which sees round cut cubic zirconia sit up within the fold of the ear in a contemporary styling (instead of hanging from the lobe in the more traditional style). The result is a decadent collection of eye-catching jewellery that aads a serene sense of movement to your look when the pieces are worn.

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Earring and Pendant Sets

fraser hart sterling silver jewellery earring and pendant sets including a sterling silver and cubic zirconia lariat necklace and matching earrings and sterling silver marquise drop earrings and matching pendant and a woman wearing a pair of sterling silver cubic zirconia disc stud earrings

While singular staple pieces will forever have a place within the jewellery collection of the stylish and sophisticated lady; we were conscious too that matching sets remain a decadent and desired choice too. We incorporated this cohesiveness across earring and pendant sets that showcase the marvellous marquise shape and luxuriously linear styles for example. Bars, strands and tassels also make appearances – as does the warm rose gold plating which adds a striking colour contrast with the cooler clear cubic zirconia and silver tones. What is great about these matching styles is that the pieces can still be worn individually without losing any of their charm or captivation. As such, they make for a versatile choice (and great gift idea) that you can always rely on.

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fraser hart sterling silver jewellery geometric styles heart-shaped pendant and drop ball earrings and cubic zirconia wave ring and sterling silver and rose gold plated pendant and woman wearing silver circle and tassel earrings

Overall within the collection lies a distinct and deliberate focus on gorgeous geometric shapes. Open circles, elongated bars, spherical decorations and more punctuate the designs and empower the pieces with both visual awareness and visual magnetism. Take for example the matching sterling silver and rose gold plated open circle and bar earrings and pendant. They incorporate this use of geometric shapes in tandem with colour interplay for an aesthetic that is sure to attract admirable attention. The use of geometrics is perfect for those who like their style to be noticeable without being over the top – stunning yet subtle in equal measure.

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Slider Bracelets

fraser hart sterling silver jewellery slider bracelets in sterling silver beaded ball and cubic zirconia and rose gold plated designs

There are many beautiful aspects to address and adore when discussing slider bracelets, but we love the slider style in itself due to the comfort and security it offers the wearer. As they can be adjusted to perfectly fit the wrist, one can rely on them to add beacons of beauty to the wrist that will remain stylishly in place at all times. Our slider bracelet designs within this sterling silver collection feature rows of sparkling cubic zirconia stones and beautiful beaded ball and sphere shapes – some of which are plated in opulent and on-trend rose gold. They make the perfect present for the stylish lady in your life. But do of course consider them too as an indulgent treat for you as their captivating aesthetic and comfortable application ensure you will cherish them forever.

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