September Birthstone Jewellery – Buy Online at Fraser Hart

Those lucky enough to be born in the month of September have the stunning sapphire as their beautiful birthstone. Naturally a decadently deep blue colour, the gleaming sapphire gemstone radiates a shine that sparkles in a multitude of beautiful blue hues. While blue is its most popular colour, the sapphire gemstone can also occur in other colours such as pink and purple. A classically celebrated gemstone, it is said to represent faith and purity and can be found across a captivating collection of jewellery here at Fraser Hart. For those who may prefer a watch as their birthday present, consider this blue colour that weaves its way through many stellar watch designs.

Here at Fraser Hart we have a range of September birthstone jewellery and blue watches that you can buy online and in-store.
Here are some of our top picks for the month of September:

september birthstone jewellery

18ct White 0.15ct Diamond & Oval Sapphire Ring
The combination of sleek contemporary 18ct white gold, dazzling diamonds and a serene oval cut sapphire bestows this ring with a decadent design. Note how the beautiful blue hue effortlessly catches the eye and offers the sophisticated lady a gorgeously gleaming piece of jewellery to add to their collection. A simply stunning piece that is sure to see frequent wear, choose this ring with love and then present it to your beloved for a birthday to remember. Click / Tap here to browse and buy our sapphire jewellery.

september birthstone jewellery

9ct Yellow Gold 0.06ct Diamond & Sapphire Flower Earrings
By pairing classically luxurious 9ct yellow gold with both diamonds and sapphires with these stunning stud earrings, they exude an aura of pure decadence. These exquisite elements combine to form a flower design and are worn in the ear in the popular stud style. Not only does this add a degree of comfort, but it also ensures that the elegant earrings stay in place when worn. A thoroughly decadent piece of jewellery, their visual magnetism and fashionable finesse ensures they will court a copious amount of compliments for the wearer. Click / Tap here to browse and buy our sapphire jewellery.

september birthstone jewellery

9ct White Gold 0.04ct Diamond Cluster & Sapphire Pendant
A perfect pendant design can add a sense of class and elegance to any look. This 9ct white gold pendant fulfils this role with ease, consisting of a captivating design that pairs a cluster of diamonds with an oval sapphire gemstone. These dazzling diamonds boast a total diamond weight (TDW) of 0.04ct and as such add a shimmer and glimmer to proceedings. Consider this pleasing pendant as the perfect present for that special someone in your life if looking for September birthstone jewellery. Click / Tap here to browse and buy our sapphire jewellery.

Don’t forget about the amazing array of watches that we offer at Fraser Hart. Many of these use the blue colour in their designs (with some even specifically referred to as ‘sapphire blue’) and they make a great alternative to those who would prefer something equally luxurious but different from September birthstone jewellery.

september birthstone jewellery

Our blue ladies’ watches span a stunning range of styles and designs. The above selection showcases some supreme examples from the likes of Chopard, Emporio Armani, Citizen and Daniel Wellington. As you can see, both designer and luxury brands embrace the blue hue to elegantly empower their designs. The Daniel Wellington watch pictured is from their newer Bayswater collection and is made with a sapphire blue NATO strap. (What is a NATO Strap? – Click / Tap here to learn about them). Click / Tap here to browse and buy our ladies’ blue watches.

september birthstone jewellery

Men’s watches also offer an array of admirable blue within their designs. The examples above include the TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch, Hugo Boss (their GQ version watch), Daniel Wellington (with a sapphire blue NATO strap) and a great gift idea in the form of the Emporio Armani steel and blue dial watch with matching keyring. As you can see, Fraser Hart have something for everyone for you to choose with love. Click / Tap here to browse and buy our men’s blue watches.

A very happy birthday to all those celebrating their birthday in September. May it be a day to remember with a stunning piece of sapphire jewellery or beautiful blue watch, chosen with love from Fraser Hart.

Michael Kors Sterling Silver – Buy Online at Fraser Hart

Michael Kors have launched a new range of sterling silver jewellery and we at Fraser Hart are delighted to stock almost 100 of these new pieces; available to browse and buy both online and in stores now. An exquisite and expansive collection, there really is something for everybody with this new range from the popular Michael Kors brand. This includes bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings available in a stunning selection of sterling silver and plated 14ct yellow and 14ct rose gold. Ideal to add some gleaming glamour to any of your looks and outfits, they also make a perfect present to gift with love to that special someone.

michael kors fine jewellery side by side images of model wearing pieces from the new range

Below we have selected some of our favourite pieces from the new Michael Kors sterling silver jewellery collection. Many of these pieces come available plated in 14ct yellow and 14ct rose gold versions. Click / Tap here to browse and buy Michael Kors jewellery online.

michael kors fine jewellery image of four padlock pendants in different designs of precious metals and gemstones

Perfect Padlock Pendants
Designed with pure decadence in mind, these padlock pendants exist as a solid and stunning addition to any jewellery collection. They are crafted with the Michael Kors signature mercer lock, an aesthetically striking padlock emblem. Visually interesting, they naturally draw the eye towards them due to their attractive angular shapes and the shimmering precious metals used in their decadent designs. Each is adorned with the recognisable Michael Kors logo wording and they feature beautiful accentuations of sparkling cubic zirconia and glimmering gemstones. Threaded through lightweight chains, they are comfortable to wear as they elegantly drape around the neck.

michael kors fine jewellery image of model wearing matching silver padlock earrings and necklace

A strong use of colour is evident throughout  the collection with an eclectic mix of genuine gemstones. This includes bold black onyx, brilliant blue quartz, glorious green agate and peachy-pink rose quartz woven throughout the designs. The model in the image above models a sterling silver and clear cubic zirconia iteration of the padlock motif in both pendant and stud earring form. This also portrays the matching pieces available within the Michael Kors sterling silver collection, offering the wearer the option to mix and match their styles or to wear them together (such as in the popular stacked style) for a captivating and cohesive aesthetic.

michael kors fine jewellery image of mercer lock padlock pendants and bracelet displaying gold and gemstone options

Engrave your Pieces to Make them Personal
A great attribute of the range is that many of the pieces can be engraved so that they can be adorned with messages, names and words of the wearers’ choosing. This imbues the pieces of jewellery with sentimentality and can make them feel that extra bit more special to the wearer. A great idea if choosing Michael Kors sterling silver jewellery as a perfect present to gift with love to a friend, family member or loved one; the brand promote engraving these products as a way to increase their appeal and personal connection to the wearer. A serene selection of bracelets, pendants and rings can be engraved in this way, with the back of their respective motifs left smooth and clean to be used as a canvas for any way that you see fit.

michael kors fine jewellery image of rose gold heart shaped bracelet pendant and ring

A simply stunning range in every way, this Michael Kors sterling silver jewellery is sure to make its way into the jewellery collections of sophisticated ladies who appreciate being opulently on-trend. It is available to buy now online and in store with Fraser Hart (while stocks last).

Click / Tap here to browse and buy Michael Kors jewellery online.

Watches – What is a NATO Strap?

In watch design, NATO refers to a style of strap that is usually made from fabric / nylon / textile that covers the back of the watch casing and as such surrounds the entire wrist when worn. Therefore when wearing a watch with a NATO strap your skin will not rest against the watch caseback. Due to this it can be a more desirable option for those who may not like the feel of steel against their skin, especially if this causes irritation. Despite being known as a NATO strap, they have no association to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation; with the name instead originating from a stocking number system.

The NATO strap is very much an on-trend style with many recognised brands utilising it. Here at Fraser Hart we stock many NATO strap watches with a wide selection available to buy both online and in-store. See some examples below:

what is a nato strap gucci gold bee watch all angles

Gucci make great use of the NATO strap here with their Le Marché Des Merveilles Bee Gold-Plated 38mm Watch. As you can see from the three angles above, the nylon strap is crafted in the NATO style which is fully visible when viewed from behind. Not only does this cover the back of the glorious gold casing, but the decadent deep blue and red striped design aligns with the design of the round watch face for a cohesive aesthetic. Click / Tap here to browse and buy our NATO strap watches.

what is a NATO strap daniel wellington bayswater and roselyn watches worn on male and female models

Daniel Wellington’s Bayswater and Roselyn collection also utilise the NATO strap in ravishing ruby and stunning sapphire colourations. Designed with a contemporary and minimalist focus, the slender straps offer the wearer a supreme sense of comfort on the wrist while also being visually unique. With the Bayswater and Roselyn collections being unisex, they showcase how the NATO strap can be worn and enjoyed by both male and female watch lovers.

what is a NATO strap selection of omega railmaster and seamaster watches

Omega’s use of the NATO strap sees a rare leather option come into play as seen above with the brown leather strap of their classic Railmaster timepiece. Their other iterations making stellar use of the strap include the stunning Seamaster watch with the blue, red and white hues evoking the aquatic inspiration infused within the decadent design.

what is a NATO strap selection of montblanc and tag heuer examples

Even more examples can be seen with both the Montblanc and TAG Heuer brands. Their use of the NATO strap demonstrates how the style is both functional and fashionable, existing equally within the arenas of luxury and style. The NATO strap also offers decadent designs a canvas of sorts with which additional design elements can adorn, with the likes of stripes and coloured stitching designs being particularly popular. Click / Tap here to browse and buy our NATO strap watches.

The NATO strap offers the wearer comfort and practicality without sacrificing function or style. As you can see, it has been embraced by many brands and is most definitely an on-trend style within watch and timepiece design. Empowered with this watch wisdom, do you feel like adding a NATO strap to your collection? If so, click / tap here to browse and buy our NATO strap watches.

August Birthstone Jewellery – Perfect Pieces at Fraser Hart

Known to represent trust, serenity and gladness in life; the pleasing peridot is the birthstone for those born in the month of August. It gleams in a glorious green hue with slightly yellower versions of the gemstone also available. This colour pairs well with classic yellow gold as both hues work in unison to exude a classy and luxurious aura. Green is also a colour that is popularly used within watch design due to its clean and neat appearance. As such, a watch with a green-tone can make a great gift idea to gift with love to that special someone celebrating a birthday in August.

Here at Fraser Hart we have a selection of August birthstone jewellery as well as green watches and pieces of jewellery that you can browse and buy both online and in-store. Here are some of our top picks for the month of August:

august birthstone jewellery - peridot and diamond gold pendant

9ct Yellow Gold Peridot and Diamond Pendant
This pleasing peridot pendant does an excellent job at showcasing the appeal of August birthstone jewellery. It features a pear-shaped peridot set into glowing 9ct yellow gold for a design of pure decadence. The peridot is also accentuated with a stunning swirl of diamonds that add a beautifully dazzling element to proceedings. Threaded onto a lightweight chain, it is comfortable to wear as it elegantly drapes around the neck. A simply stunning gift idea, the recipient is sure to have a birthday to remember when they receive and fawn over this perfect peridot pendant. Click / Tap here to browse all of our perfect peridot pieces of jewellery.

august birthstone jewellery - peridot and diamond gold earrings

9ct Yellow Gold Peridot and Diamond Stud Earrings
Crafted in a matching style to the pendant above, these stunning stud earrings also feature a combination of 9ct yellow gold, peridot and diamond. As they are worn in the ear in a classic stud style, the wearer is assured of a secure fit so that these exquisite earrings can act as beautiful beacons for all who see them. Simply radiant, they glow in the light and attract admirable attention due to their glorious green glimmer. They are the perfect piece of jewellery to add a stamp of style and sophistication to any look – especially for those with a birthday in the month of August. Click / Tap here to be taken to our opulent offering of peridot jewellery.

The gorgeous green colour is also woven through many wonderful watch designs. It features in brands such as Casio, Gucci, Larsson & Jennings and more due to the exquisite edge that it adds to their aesthetic output.

august birthstone jewellery - green watch casio mudmaster

The Casio G-Shock Mudmaster Watch makes use of a deep military green for its comfortable textile strap. Designed with the great outdoors in mind, this solar powered watch is brimming with useful features including an alarm, countdown timer, date feature, stopwatch and more. Click / Tap here to see all of our gleaming green watches and jewellery.

august birthstone jewellery - green watch gucci green leather and gold bee motif face

Gucci’s G-Timeless watch is here presented with a beautiful green leather strap and matching round face. Their iconic bee motif adorns this face surrounded by a luxurious yellow gold-plated bezel. An opulent and on-trend option, it is destined to impress the recipient as a gift to remember and cherish forever. Click / Tap here and browse our beautiful green timepieces and jewellery pieces.

august birthstone jewellery - green watch larsson and jennings yellow gold plated green rectangle face

For those with an inclination towards classic style that will never go out of fashion, this luxurious Larsson & Jennings watch is the perfect option. Marvel at the angular rectangular face that is brimming with a gleaming green hue. Accentuated with an 18ct yellow gold-plated bezel and black leather strap, it is the epitome of class. Click / Tap here to see our stunning selection of glorious green watches and jewellery.

A very happy birthday to all who celebrate a birthday in August. May it be a birthday to remember with a perfect piece of peridot jewellery or a glorious green watch or piece of jewellery from Fraser Hart.