Omega and James Bond – Spectre 2015

Later this year, James Bond is back in his latest outing in “SPECTRE”, the 24th film in the Bond series, with Daniel Craig once again taking on the role of the iconic spy. Along with his trusty Walther PPK, Bond is never without one of his most important pieces of equipment – his watch. Since “Goldeneye”, it has been an Omega gracing the wrists of 007, and this year we have two limited edition pieces associated with the film, a commemorative Seamaster Aqua Terra, and a Seamaster 300m that was actually worn in the film.

James Bond Spectre

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Which Wedding Ring Style is Right for Me?

Have you ever wondered why wedding rings are worn on the third finger of the left hand? According to a romantic centuries-old belief, this finger held the ‘Vena Amoris’, or Vein of Love, that was thought to be directly connected to the heart.

This tradition has endured across religions and cultures the world over. A physical token of unity, commitment and love, the unbroken circle of a wedding ring is symbolic of much more than just a marriage.

Fraser Hart Mens & Womens Wedding Rings Yellow and White

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Love of a Lifetime: Preserving Your Diamond Ring

A diamond ring is one of the most precious gifts you can receive – or indeed, give to yourself but the pride of owning a diamond ring also comes with a certain degree of responsibility. Keeping a diamond ring in its gorgeous, glittering condition for a lifetime requires care and attention, and it’s important to know the proper ways to care for, clean, and protect your treasured gemstone.

Three Diamond Ring

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