Pre-Basel Release -The Longines Conquest Classic Moonphase

With a rich equestrian heritage dating back to 1878, Longines have long been associated with elegance and sophistication. In celebration of the refined elegance of equestrian sports, 2015 saw the launch of the newest addition to the continuously successful Conquest collection, the Conquest Classic Moonphase. Ranging between £2,210 and £7,490, this sophisticated timepiece has joined the brand’s other collections of classical beauty, further contributing to the renowned success and reputation of the brand.

Longines Conquest Classic Moonphase

Designed to not compromise on elegance, the ‘Conquest’ brand was patented in 1954 and since then has continuously produced both beautiful and successful models throughout the years. Not one to disappoint, the Conquest Classic Moonphase has been designed to be worn amidst the excitement of some of the most prestigious equestrian events in the world. Here to give us more detail into the movement cased within this exquisite timepiece is our resident Watch Geek, Chris Haynes.

Longines Conquest Classic Moonphase

The simple fact with this watch is that it packs a whole lot of mechanical excellence under the surface. Powering the watch is the L678 movement, which has chronograph, triple date (month, day and date) and moonphase functions within it. This is a variant of one of the toughest chronograph movements in the industry, and it’s certainly one you can wear with confidence. Whilst at first it may seem tricky to set up the watch, Longines have made it as simple as possible – the main calendar and moonphase can be set up through the winding crown, with the day being set up through the recessed pusher at 10 o’clock. The sheer level of functionality this watch offers for the price point is phenomenal, and will be enough to keep even the most dedicated collectors happy

The Longines Conquest Classic Moonphase (FH Ref – 0734227, Longines Ref – L27985527) is available in our Glasgow, Manchester (Trafford Centre), One New Change, Leeds and Chelmsford stores –

Valentines Gift Guide

Fraser Hart Valentines Gift Guide [image: 1. Guess Pursuit Chronograph watch – 0734481 – £179 | 2. Silver and rose gold-plated heart pendant – 0305004 – Was £85, Now £59 | 3. Mi Moneda Valentines Coin – 1305003 – £18.50 | 4. 18ct white gold 0.75 carat diamond cluster ring – 0414022 – Was £1,350, Now £999 | 5. Silver and rose gold-plated double heart bracelet – 0065006 – Was £59, Now £39 | 6. Gucci G-Timeless bracelet watch – 0724133 – £575 | 7. 9ct white gold diamond heart studs – 0223003 – £175 | 8. Platinum 0.50 carat diamond ring – 2350519 – £1,999 | 9. Guess Viva rose gold-tone watch – 0723397 – £179]

The most loving day of the year is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about those special gifts. Wether your looking for a small token to commemorate your love or your thinking about popping the big question, our Buyers have hand-selected a bunch of their favourite lines that they think are perfect for St Valentines Day. Still can’t find that perfect gift? Head over to

Popping the Question | The Engagement Ring

Asking the love of your life to marry you is the most exciting decision of your life but can also be quite daunting. Not only do you have to choose the perfect time, the perfect moment and construct the perfect speech, you also have to select that one ring that makes her heart melt the minute she opens the box. Now we might not be able to help turn you into the 21st century’s version of Shakespeare, but if there is one thing we know it’s rings!

Diamond Engagement Rings

Often built up into the most intimidating part of a proposal, choosing the perfect ring can seem like the toughest hurdle. With so many different styles, shapes and colours on offer alongside the opportunity to design a bespoke ring from scratch, we’ve taken a moment to lay out our main steps to choosing the perfect engagement ring – just to make that specific shopping trip just a little bit easier.

Step One: Research/Work out her personal style

Research Your Style

You love all their unique quirks and cute oddities – that’s why they’re the only one who’s truly stolen your heart. So why not emulate the things you love most about your partner in your chosen engagement ring. Start by taking a little bit more notice of their personal style including everything from the celebrities they admire to the shoes they choose for date night. Are they naturally-born magpies, flitting towards anything with bling and sparkle or have you noticed that clean lines and tailored suits are more their thing? Our favoured way of determining which style of engagement ring to go with is by looking at any existing jewellery they have. If they gravitate towards understated pieces in plain gold, chances are they’re not going to have dreamed of an extravagant, multi diamond cluster all their lives, right? Basically, pay attention to the outfit choices they make and you’ll have a much better understanding of their personal style.

 Step Two: Decide on a budget

Choose your budget

Possibly the hardest part of choosing an engagement ring is the budget. There are plenty of old wives tales flitting around that tell you how much you should be putting aside.  With anything from 1 month to 3 months pay, it can seem quite daunting spending such a large sum of money in one go, let alone saving up for it in the first place. The best piece of advice we can give you is decide on a budget that is comfortable for you. Avoid running yourself into financial ruin simply to buy the biggest diamond on the market. If your jeweller is experienced enough, they will be able to find you the best ring for your budget and make sure you’re getting the most for your money. And your loved one is sure to be blown over by the thought and consideration you put into choosing the ring that the amount paid will be completely out of mind.

 Step Three: Finding out her ring size

Find Her Ring Size

 Another daunting task that strikes fear into the hearts of all, finding out someone’s ring size without asking them direct is step three. In British tradition, the engagement and wedding ring will sit on the fourth finger (or third if we want to get technical and exclude your thumb!) on your left hand. According to the ancient Romans, this finger was chosen because it was believed that the ’vena amoris’ (the love vein) ran directly through this finger to the heart. There are a number of ways to find out your partner’s ring size so let’s get into them now.

1. Do they wear any other rings on this finger? The easiest way to find out someone’s ring size is to measure an existing piece of jewellery. If you can find an old ring that you know fits (or nearly fits), it may be the easiest option to get this measured, either in store or by downloading a ring size-ing template from the internet.

2. If you can’t borrow the ring, place it on a piece of paper and draw around the inside and outside of the ring. Essentially you have now made a paper version of the ring and will be able to get this sized in the same way.

3. Ask their friends. Chances are they have discussed ring size at some point or one of their friends knows they have similar sized hands. You could ask this friend for her finger size and you should have a near-enough estimate to go by.

4. A sneaky way that we have come across in the past is asking your partner to try on someone else’s ring. For example, if one of your friends has recently got engaged, asking your partner to try on the engagement ring could give you a clear indication of their ring size. (Obviously, make sure said friend doesn’t mind their ring being used as a pawn in this little game first!).

5. Some cheap rings (mostly those from vending machines or found in children’s goody bags) have split shanks so they can be moulded to any size. If you’re feeling particularly sneaky, why not get present your partner with one of these as a joke, ask them to put it on so it fits and ‘borrow’ it to have it sized at a later date.

6. If all else fails, you may have to ask the question directly. But feel free to be as sneaky as possible in doing so!

Step Four: Book an appointment with your jeweller

Milton Keynes In-Store

Now that you have a rough idea of your soon-to-be-betrothed’s general style and you’ve got your budget and their ring size sorted, it’s time to speak to a professional. An experienced jeweller will be able to walk you through all the different options on offer and advise on the most suitable one for you. With the advances in Computer Aided Design (CAD), it is now possible to create a bespoke ring tailored to your specifications and set with diamonds or gemstones chosen specifically by you. Alternatively, the range of stunning engagement rings available on the market these days means that you’re sure to find something that perfectly embodies the love you feel for your partner.

Step Five: Pop That Question

Share your engagement photos with us via Twitter using the hash tag #FHEngagement. If your looking for more information into diamonds, see our diamond buying guide here.

Managers Picks – Choose a watch this Valentines

Manager, Jack Eldrgidge, Valentines picks

With Valentines Day just around the corner we asked our Stratford Manager, Jack, to select 5 of his top Valentines Watch Picks. Are any of these on your Valentines Wish List?


TAG Heuer Carrera Twin-Time Automatic men’s stainless steel bracelet watch – £2395 – Product Reference 0734011. Shop here .

TUDOR Heritage Chrono Blue strap watch – £3010 – Product Reference 0734370. Available in authorised TUDOR stores. To find your nearest store, please click here

Rolex Date Just II in 18ct Yellow Gold – £9100 -Product Reference 0731661. Available in authorised Rolex stores. To find your nearest store, please click here.

Gucci G-Timeless men’s grey dial stainless steel bracelet watcy – £625 – Product Reference 0732201. Shop here

Tissot Heritage Visodate men’s automatic leather strap watch – £430 – Product Reference 0730081. Shop here

To book an appointment with our Westfield Stratford Manager, Jack Eldridge, please visit