TUDOR watches to launch in Fraser Hart – 19.9.14

On September 19th, Fraser Hart will be welcoming back an old friend into stores across the UK – Tudor. With fourteen of our stores carrying the brand, more than any of our competitors, you can be sure that you will find both a great stock selection and superlative service.

Tudor Coming Soon

Tudor, for those of you who don’t know, was born out of a vision of Rolex’s founder, Hans Wilsdorf, to create watches with the famed reliability of Rolex at a more affordable price point. The earliest origins of the brand can be traced back to the 1920s, but the brand really began to assert itself from the 1950s onwards. Military use of watches is usually a good sign of a brand’s ability to weather the toughest conditions, and Tudor was no exception. Indeed, the Royal Navy, US Navy and French Navy have all used Tudor timepieces in their endeavours between the 1950s and 1980s. Today, Tudor has stepped further away from their sister brand, and has created a range that shares the same root DNA as Rolex, but is uniquely Tudor.

TUDOR 19.9.14

With Tudor’s relaunch, history has been an important factor – the brand has been inspired by its iconic models of the past to create its Heritage collection. These are modern reinterpretations of past models rather than just a recreation. Take, for example, the Black Bay family – this diver’s watch has been inspired by the vintage Tudor Submariner, yet is not exactly the same as any previous model. If you pass a connoisseur’s eye over the Black Bay, you will see the oversized crown from the 1958 Submariner, the “snowflake” hands of the late 1960s to the 1980s, and the burgundy bezel insert from the 1980s. All of this comes together, along with a sepia dial and rose gold plated hands and markers, to create a watch which looks like a vintage piece. Don’t let this fool you – it is a thoroughly modern watch, with a domed highly scratch resistant Sapphire crystal, and an automatic mechanical watch movement powering it.

TUDOR Heritage Black Bay

Tudor is not just looking at the past, however: along with heritage, technology is at the core of the brand. The most cutting-edge of Tudor’s models has to be Fastrider Black Shield. The most striking aspect of this watch is that it is all-black, and in order to achieve this, Tudor has crafted the case from a single, solid piece of ceramic. This is no mean feat, and results in both a strong and incredibly scratch resistant case. Personally, I think it looks best teamed up with bronze tone hands and markers on the beige Alcantara strap, but the red highlights work well too.

TUDOR Fastrider Collection

So what makes Tudor different? For me, it’s a combination of bold design and superb build quality. The level of detail that Tudor has gone to in designing its watches is remarkable – I implore you to handle the Pelagos diving watch and take a closer look at the clasp. The fine adjustment available, plus the rather clever sprung setup (designed to make sure the watch doesn’t start moving around on the wrist when diving) puts watches many times the price to shame. It’s a great complete package as well, with Tudor including a complimentary fabric strap with every watch from the Heritage range. These aren’t just great watches at the price point, they are simply great watches.

Heritage Family

We at Fraser Hart can’t wait to show you these timepieces – the anticipation has been rising, and I hope you will share our excitement. Whether you knew the brand from when they were last in the UK, or whether you are discovering the watches for the very first time, I urge you to visit one of our branches and try a few on. You won’t be disappointed. Visit http://www.fraserhart.co.uk/brands/tudor.html to find our stockists.

Fraser Hart Repairs | JEWELLERY REPAIRS

So we’ve covered engraving and valuations and now we’re getting down to those finer details you may not have considered. Jewellery can hold such sentimental feelings and memories that it is imperative that the utmost care is given to its preservation. Our skilled goldsmiths and craftsmen have decades of experience in a great number of repair techniques and can always be depended on to repair, restore and bring that beloved ring or heirloom necklace back to pristine condition.

Ring Re-sizing

There are a number of reason why you may look towards ring re-sizing. Perhaps you’ve inherited your grandmother’s beloved wedding ring or your partner has surprised you with that beautiful diamond cluster you fell for last year, but the sizing is just slightly out. Whatever your reason, our skilled work force have the tools and skills to bring that ring into a wearable size. Pop into one of our stores to have your finger measured by a member of our experienced sales staff. They will then advise on an appropriate ring size and have the ring delivered to our workshop. Our workshop will carefully create a slim cut in the shank or bottom of your ring. Next, the body of your ring will be gently heated to make the metal more pliable to movement and the ring will be gradually moulded to the desired size.

Ring Re-sizing

The goldsmith will match the metal of your ring to a section of metal with the same thickness and width of the band, ensuring a perfect pairing. This section of metal is moved into place and welded to the shank to create a seamless bond. Our goldsmiths will then buff and polish the shank of your ring to ensure the joining line is invisible and will examine the ring to ensure all stones are still strongly secured. Please ensure you speak to a member of our experienced staff as some rings may be slightly more complicated to size.

Ring Sizing

Re-Rhodium plating

What many people do not know is that there is no ‘white’ gold in nature. 24k gold in its natural state is always yellow, but this form of gold is much too soft to use for jewellery. In order to produce a metal that can be worn on a daily basis, the pure metal is mixed with other alloys which alter the yellow colour you see. White gold is mixed with alloys such as palladium which has a bleaching effect on the metal. To enhance the white colour, most piece of white gold jewellery has an additional layer of Rhodium plated on top of it. A chemical element and a member of the platinum family, rhodium is one of the most expensive metals and produces the beautiful shine in white gold that we have come to love.

Re-Rhodium platingTo preserve the pure sheen of your white gold jewellery, you may choose to have your item sent away for re-rhodium plating. During this process, our experience goldsmiths will polish off the old rhodium plating, bringing your piece back to its original colour. After steam cleaning and smoothing off any marks, your piece will be dipped into our rhodium baths which will apply a smooth and clean cut covering of rhodium. Instantly refreshed, our workshop will carefully expect your piece of jewellery to ensure the plating has taken perfectly.


Everyone can appreciate just how much of a difference polishing makes in any situation, but it has to be said the effect of polishing on jewellery can be astounding. If, for example, your beloved engagement ring hasn’t left you finger since that magical moment he proposed, you may not notice those unavoidable day-to-day markings. If you choose to have your ring polished, our expert craftsmen will place your ring on a metal ring stick and apply a thin layer of polishing wax. With gentle movements, your ring will be polished with our industry approved polishing wheels until every scratch has been removed. We can promise you outstanding results!


In our next blog post we will be covering some of our other repairs services such as CAD, soldering, melting down gold and steam cleaning. If you would like any more details on the repairs services that Fraser Hart offers, please call or visit one of our stores here and speak to our experienced staff who will be happy to help.

Fraser Hart Repairs | ENGRAVING

To personalise an item means to capture a single moment. That precious day she said yes, the overwhelming moment when your son took his first breaths or your special little saying to each other. Sentimental though an item may be, engraving is the perfect way to make that piece just a touch more one-of-a-kind and capture a memory forever.

Here at Fraser Hart, we pride ourselves in offering an extensive and experienced engraving service through our team of highly trained and skilled goldsmiths and craftsmen. From simply engraving the date of your wedding on the inside of your ring to setting a ‘Secret Diamond’, we are positive that we can offer you the right service for your needs.

Our experience staff are always on hand to talk through the different engraving options and to work with you on your design to ensure the final product looks just as perfect as you envision.

There are two main types of engraving to be considered when personalising an item; hand engraving and machine engraving.

Hand Engraving

Hand engraving can be described as nothing less than a skill and an art. The artisans of the engraving world use a small tool called a ‘graver’ which resembles a tiny chisel. Made of hardened steel, the graver has many different tips, shaped to create different markings and designs. Working with your image or text, our hand engravers use different strokes and lines to carve your message into your item with precision and the uptmost care. Each piece of hand engraved jewellery is one-of-a-kind; no two pieces can look alike as both will maintain the personal style and marks of the engraver. Also, hand engraving is traditionally understood to be the deeper and more durable of the two engraving methods although it can take a little bit longer to complete.

Hand Engraving

Machine Engraving

With the advance in technology, it will come as no surprise that machine engraving is swiftly gaining momentum. Using power-driven engravers that work of templates or computer aided design, our craftsman are able to programme their machines to engrave nearly anything in a short space of time. The jewellery is fitted in a small clamp on the machine while our engravers reposition the engraving machine to ensure your design is perfect. One click of the mouse and the machine get’s to work, copying your design to exact precision. Modern machine engravers are extremly precise and can be used to engrave anything from a simple date to a full photograph of a loved one.

Machine Engraving

On top of traditional engraving methods, our expert workshop can offer a number of unique engraving experiences to ensure your personalisation is exactly how you imagined.

Secret Diamond Engraving

Secret Diamond Engraving has got to be one of our most beloved and precious services on offer. Our expert craftsman work on the inside of your wedding of engagement ring to blend engraving and stone setting in beautiful harmony. Say, after your wedding or engagement, your blessed with a bouncing baby boy. Our skilled jewellery artisans can engrave the inside of your wedding ring with the date of your baby’s birth whilst setting a tiny blue sapphire on the inside of the band. Alternatively, if the month of September is particularly important to you as a couple, but blue isn’t the colour of choice, why not have a small pink sapphire or other birthstone set on the inside of the band as an extra reminder of that precious moment.

Secret Diamond

Watch Engraving

Another engraving method that we have seen a rise in in the last few years has been the engraving of watch backs. Our skilled watch team will carefully remove the case back of your watch, position your message in the appropriate place and engrave anything from a date to a special message on to the back. Some men, particularly those who work with their hands and are at risk of damaging a wedding ring, may choose to have an engraved watch as an alternative to a wedding ring.

If you have any furthur questions about engraving or if you have a special piece of jewellery you would like personalised, why not pop into any of our 40 UK stores and have a talk with one of our experienced staff members.

Fraser Hart Repairs | VALUATIONS

It isn’t the first think you want to think about when finding that perfect watch or piece of jewellery. However, sentimental and precious a piece may be, there may come a time when unfortunate and unavoidable circumstances cause your beloved ring or cherished watch to need an extra dose of TLC.

Here at Fraser Hart, our team of expert goldsmiths and craftsmen have such an in-depth talent pool alongside decades of experience. Understanding the sentimentality and true worth of a piece is paramount and our experiences workforce have the skills to ensure every aspect of our aftercare is pristine. In this series of blog posts, we will be leading you through some of the many aftercare services we offer along with some of our personal advice on making sure your item is properly cared for.


The importance of jewellery and watch valuations is becoming more and more recognisable. With the rise in both gold and diamond prices, an item purchase 10 years ago can now be worth much more than the original retail. In the unfortunate event of burglary or loss, the responsibility lies on you, as the owner of the item, to prove its worth for re-imbursement by the Insurance Company. The only fool-proof was to do this is by supplying an up-to-date valuation certificate.

Valuation Certificates

It is worth noting at this point that if your item is underinsured (if your insurance company has notification that your item is worth £300 but when the claim is submitted, a similar item is worth £900) you are effectively not insured. This is why it is imperative that you have a new valuation undertaken every 2-3 years to ensure your item is properly protected.

All Fraser Hart valuations* are undertaken by Safeguard, the UK’s leading Valuation Service Company. Highly qualified expert valuers asses your item with detailed examination and issue an independent valuation featuring digital photographs and a full accurate description, noting any distinguishing features.

Safeguard Logo

Most valuations are performed for insurance purposes. However, there are a number of other reasons that a valuation may take place. To simplify these, we have given you a detailed description of each type of valuation available so you can ensure your items are insured appropriately.

Insurance Valuation

This is the most typically sought our valuation. The value given after this sort of valuation is compiled on the basis of what a broadly similar item would cost to replace in the event of loss or damage. This figure will accurately represent the average retail prices in the local market and will correspond to the cost of replacing with a brand new item.

Probation Valuation

This sort of valuation is usually required upon the unfortunate death of the owner of the jewellery or valuables. These valuations are usually requested by the legal representatives when they are in the process of winding down an estate. The final figure given in this instance will be much lower than those given for an Insurance Valuation and are based on the average price in an open market at the time of the owners death.

Private Sale

This form of valuation applies primarily when one party wishes to sell an item on to another in a private sale. When valuing such an item, the valuer will take into account many different factors to produce a price that is acceptable to both parties.

Safeguard may also be able to help with valuations for Capital Gains Tax or Disposal purposes, both of which can be requested by our staff.

If you’re thinking about having a piece of jewellery or a watch valued and would like more details about the process, our experienced store staff will be happy to talk you through the process and answer any extra questions you may have. Find your local store here

Fraser Hart also holds numerous ‘Jewellery and Watch Valuation Days’ all over the country. The experts at Safeguard are able to come into our stores and perform a full valuation right in-front of you. This includes walking you through their findings, showing you the images they have taken and giving you a finalised sum on the day. Keep checking our social media sites and in-store for details on the next event near you.

Safeguard 1

The next upcoming Valuation days are:

Manchester, Trafford Centre – Tuesday 9th September 2014 – Contact the store here

Bristol, Cribbs Causeway – Tuesday 7th October 2014 – Contact the store here

Lyons, Croydon – Friday 10th October 2014 – Contact the store here

Glasgow, 11 Princes Street – Tuesday 14th October 2014 – Contact the store here

Lakeside Shopping Centre – Tuesday 14th October 2014 – Contact the store here

*Please note our Kingston store uses an independent valuator and not Safeguard. All queries should be directed to the store.