Sea Dweller 4000 Review – Chris Haynes

This year’s Basel show brought a big smile to the faces of many a Rolex fan with the reintroduction of an old favourite, the Sea Dweller 4000. The 4000 refers to the water resistance of the watch, which is tested to 4000ft underwater (1220m for those of you who prefer metric!) The Sea Dweller has always been the even tougher brother of the Submariner, and is more focused on the needs of professional divers. In return, it has been the dive watch of choice for many diving organisations, most notably COMEX, who helped Rolex develop the watch in the 1960s.

Rolex Sub Dweller 4000

Divers who worked in hypobaric chambers had noticed an issue when the chambers were decompressing – their watch glasses were popping out! After investigating, it was discovered that the helium the divers needed to breathe at pressure (as pure oxygen becomes toxic under pressure) was penetrating the seals of the watch. As the chamber decompressed, the helium inside the watch expanded, building up pressure, and forcing the glass to move out of place. Rolex and COMEX developed a solution, and built a valve in the side of the case that would automatically release the built up helium as the pressure rose. The first variant of the Sea Dweller was resistant to 600ft, but was quickly improved to 4000ft over the following years

Rolex Sub Dweller 4000

The new version of the Sea Dweller has several design cues that nod to the past – the prominent crystal that stands proud above the bezel, and the matte paint on the dial are two that are particularly noticeable. The case also retains the classic 40mm diameter Sea Dweller fans are familiar with, along with a less angular case compared to the Submariner. Whilst the watch is clearly inspired by the past, Rolex have still transformed it into a thoroughly modern watch. The Sea Dweller now features a ceramic bezel, designed to be highly resistant to colour fade and scratches, as well as a modernised bracelet using the particularly handy Glidelock clasp.

Rolex Sea Dweller clasp

The resulting watch is an immensely versatile and wearable watch, whose impressive water resistance and focus on utility doesn’t compromise its ability to be worn every day. As you would expect, it sits in between its brothers the Submariner Date and the Deep Sea with regards to price at £6900. The watch is available to buy at all Fraser Hart Rolex stockists, subject to stock.



Fraser Hart’s ‘Real Brides’ – Part One: Anabelle

When it comes to weddings, we know that your checklists just keep getting longer and longer. If it’s not organising the ‘Save the Date’ cards or pre-approving the wedding cake, it’s chasing around from hair appointments to food tastings and there rarely seems like enough hours in the day. So, to make everything a little bit easier, we’ve tracked down a number of newly married couples, thrown a couple of ‘must know’ questions their way and come up with a little guide to at least make shopping for jewellery and gifts a little bit easier. Firstly let’s meet Anabelle, 28, from Bromley.

Anabelle Real Weddings

Image – Anabelle (left) with her sister and mum.

When my husband (Chris) first got down on one knee, I had no clue about the monumental effort it takes to get a wedding together. After the initial squealing down the phone to my friends and family, I was left with a huge checklist, a fixed budget and a million things to get done in 6 months. Thankfully, Chris jumped right on board and took control of basically everything to do with his side, including the usher’s gifts, suits and presents for the male participants. While I was worrying about my hair curling in the heat, he was fretting over the pale grey suits not suiting some of his more rounded family members.

6 months flew by and I clearly remember the day I got the phone call to say my dress was ready. Let’s by-pass another episode of intense screaming and we get to me, standing in front of a floor length mirror with the dress of my dreams on trying my hardest to work out what was missing. The dress fit like a glove and the shoes were high enough to keep the dress off the floor whilst being wearable. It didn’t make sense… until I noticed the missing piece of the puzzle. In the haze of planning my special day, I had forgotten to accessorise! Fortunately, knowing that my wedding ring came from Fraser Hart and having been in to try on a few wedding rings, I was confident that I would find everything I wanted there.

My engagement ring is a simple brilliant cut diamond (0.40ct) with a plain band, making it the perfect ring when it came to trying on wedding rings! I knew I wanted something with a bit of sparkle but that’s where my knowledge of diamond rings ended! Knowing this, I managed to whittle it down to this gorgeous 9ct white gold band with little diamonds and a ‘milgrain’ edging. The ring sits perfectly next to my engagement ring and I absolutely adore the little detailing around the edge!

0614003 - 9ct white gold 0.15 carat diamond milgrain ring

Image: 0614003 – £325

I wanted to thank my Maid of Honour and best friend, Jessie, who managed to put up with ‘bridezilla’ for 6 months and came out the other end loving me just the same. She has a little obsession with Tanzanite and a borderline obsession with the Royal Family so when I saw this pendant, I knew she would absolutely adore it!

0233146 - 9ct white gold tanzanite and 0.16 carat diamond pendant

Image: 0233146 – £575

Both of my amazing mothers (including my mother-in-law) were amazingly supportive throughout the whole thing and there was no way I could enjoy my special day without letting them know just how much I appreciated it. So, I wanted to get something eternally beautiful (just like them) and settled on two pairs of these elegant single stone diamond studs. Both my mum’s absolutely adored these little beauties and my mother-in-law hasn’t taken them off since!

0228181 - 9ct white gold 0.15 carat diamond earrings

Image: 0228181 – £375

Now, back on to my outfit and I needed something amazing to pair with my sweetheart neckline wedding dress. I have a penchant for anything vintage and love exquisite detail and style. So it didn’t take long for me to spot this ridiculously beautiful 9ct white gold and diamond vintage drop set! Everything about the pendant and earrings called out to me like a mermaid at sea and I knew this was the missing jigsaw piece I had been looking for!

 Vintage Diamond Set

 Image: Pendant: 0233028 – £750. Earrings: 0203007 – £799

And finally, the last piece to complete my outfit was my beautiful diamond tennis bracelet that my fiancé (at the time) got me for my birthday. I fell in love with the unique flower diamond design from the minute I saw it and noticed a resemblance to the bracelet my grandmother had when I was younger. This has to be my favourite piece of jewellery and it definitely made us feel like my grandmother was there to enjoy our wedding day as well.

0013047 - 9ct white gold 1.00 carat diamond flower cluster bracelet

Image: 0013047 – £1999

Breitling Jet Team land in One New Change


The 30th of April and 1st of May saw luxury Swiss watchmaker, Breitling’s team jet into our One New Change store. In homage to a long running history with aviation, our V.I.P guests were invited to jump on board and battle the skies in Breitling’s state-of-the-art simulator.

Breitling Jet Team land in One New Change

Combine a large domed screen with real-life moving platform and our guests were fully submerged in the thrill and excitement of piloting a Breitling jet. Sour your way to the top of the leader board and one lucky pilot was in it to win a flight with the Breitling Jet team in Dijon, France, so competition was fierce!

Breitling Land At Fraser Hart, One New Change

Once completed, our guests were invited inside our beautiful One New Change store for champagne, canapes and knowledge packed one-to-one sessions with our highly experienced sales staff. An extensive range of Breitling models were on display with guests encouraged to handle and try the timepieces on for size. 

Breitling Lands in Fraser Hart, One New Change

Finally, as an added bonus, guests were invited to drop their business cards in for a lucky dip prize draw. One lucky guest won a once in a lifetime opportunity to go Wing Walking with the Breitling team in Switzerland – a prize that was greatly anticipated by all who attended.

With the finest Swiss manufacture and styling, see our full range of Breitling watches here: