Sports Watch Reviews at Fraser Hart – Celebrating Wimbledon

Wimbledon 2013 is finally upon us, and we here at the FH head office can’t stop daydreaming about strawberries with cream and little white tennis dresses. Always fans of accessorising, we got to thinking about all the sports watches that are around these days. Gone are the days of neon rubber cases and over-complicated digital screens as more and more watch brands breech the gap between functionality and design. So we decided to gather a few of our favourites and do a quick review of each, to make it easier for you to decide.

Assistant Watch Buyer, Adam, chose the Rado D-Star automatic chronograph watch in black ceramic.

‘The watch was very easy to set up initially with an easy two click crown system and the chronograph proved just as simple to operate. I decided to wear the watch while I went to the gym to test how comfortable and functional it actually was. Although it’s quite a big looking watch, the D Star was actually very comfortable to wear and had a good weight to it; I was aware that it was on my wrist but it didn’t distract me. I could feel the automatic movement working while I was working out which I thought was quite a nice touch. The anti-glare treatment on the glass meant I could easily read the time at any point and I made sure to use the chronograph function to time my workout. I’m quite attracted to the unique and stylish design so I think I would definitely buy this watch in the future, and the ceramic bracelet gave me piece of mind that the watch would be quite durable. Thumbs up, a great watch for working out in the gym!’

Rado D Star Automatic Chronograph

Marketing Assistant, Vicky, chose the Tissot white ceramic and stainless steel watch

‘I’m usually drawn to quite large watches so I thought I’d challenge myself and go for the small dial. It was really easy to set up and had very basic functions so it took next to no time to get it going. The case is quite flat and sat quite flush against my skin which made it very comfortable to wear while running. The ceramic in the bracelet and the overall polished feel meant it didn’t catch on anything and after a while I forgot I was even wearing it. The diamond dial made the watch that little bit more special and the silver indicators stood out well against their background. The stone set face also makes the watch dressy enough to wear on a night out as well as on a midnight jog. Although I’m still drawn to big watches, I think the simplistic design paired with the sparkle of the stone-set dial makes this watch a lovely alternative to the traditional ladies sports watch.’

Tissot White Ceramic

Assistant Jewellery Buyer, Lisa, chose the Tag Heuer ladies Aquaracer watch in steel.

‘As I usually work with jewellery, I was really excited to trial a watch for a change and have always wanted to own a Tag! Setting up the watch only took a couple of minutes and it seemed really useful to have a date dial on hand. I wore the watch while running around on a shop visit and found it to be very comfortable. It sat well on my arm without spinning and was definitely a perfect watch for my hectic day. The dial is quite small compared to the watches I usually buy, but the anti-glare protection on the dial made it surprisingly easy to read. The stainless steel bracelet in both polished and brushed finish made for a smart aesthetic and I felt very comfortable wearing this watch to an after work event the same night. The watch is very smart and the silver metallic dial meant it worked perfectly as a day and night watch. If looking for a smart, functional sports watch that can be worn at any occasion; I would definitely recommend this dainty number.’

Tag Heuer Aquaracer

Customer, Brad, chose the Longines Hydro Conquest watch set with a black dial.

‘I work as a stage hand so need to be able to move quickly and without obstruction at short notice. The black face and dial of this watch really appealed to me and being set with silver hands and numbers, the dial was extremely easy to read. I managed to set up and get the watch on my wrist in less than 10 minutes which helps with a fast-paced job like mine. The watch is quite heavy, but to me this is a definite positive as it indicates quality. I was aware that it was on my wrist during the day, but this did not distract me from my work. The three sub-dials on the watch helped me time how long I spent on various jobs and would definitely be well-used in one of my gym sessions. I really loved the look of the watch and would definitely consider getting this for myself due to the value for money and the quality of the item.’  

Longines Hydroquest

Images by Mya Baker

Watch Details:

Rado D Star Automatic Chronograph – Stock number: 0732155 – £2580

Tissot white ceramic and stainless steel – Stock number: 0720527- £350

      Tag Aquaracer Quarts steel – Stock number 0725402 – £1,195

Longines Hydro conquest black dial – Stock number 0737044 – £890

Rolex Baselworld 2013 Collection Event at Fraser Hart Solihull

Last Thursday night our newly refurbished Solihull store located in the Touchwood Centre, rolled out the red carpet for guests attending a private event previewing the new collection of Rolex models first shown at this year’s Baselworld.
Over the course of the evening, our guests were treated to champagne and canapés whist listening to music performed by Harpist Audrey Douglas. Guests were encouraged to get up close and personal with many of the new 2013 Rolex models and top representatives from Fraser Hart and Rolex were on hand to explain the stories behind the new models and give a brief history of the prestigious Rolex brand.
Our photographer captured some great images of the night and our Solihull staff members reported a great turnout to what will hopefully be the first of many prestigious store events in the new store. Here is just a glimpse of some of the photos taken but feel free to jump on our Facebook page and see the whole lot!
 Rolex Solihull Images Montage